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It’s New Tunes Thursday! Just like Two for Tuesday, Only More Musical!

thursdayWe’re back on this fine Thursday afternoon with more adds to the Pure Pop Radio playlist. Much more music is the name of our game. We’ve scoured the Earth for the latest and greatest melodic pop music that would complement the more than 5,600 songs we already have playing in rotation, and we’ve come up with some more great stuff.

So here, without further ado, are the latest adds to the Pure Pop Radio playlist, with more to come almost before you know it:

dc-cardewellDC Cardwell | Pop Art The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist’s first album in four years, following the exquisite Some Hope, is another fine collection of melodic pop songs delivered with inspiration and imagination. We’ve added four wonderful songs in advance of the album’s February 2015 general release: “In the Cloud,” “Don’t Know Why,” “The Sun, the Moon, the Stars,” and “Magic for Everybody.” Lovely melodies and vocals abound, and dig the beat in the gorgeous, McCartney-esque “Magic for Everybody.” 2015 is already getting off to a good start, and 2014 isn’t finished yet!

yorktown-200Yorktown Lads | $200 E.P. On October 21, we added to our playlist seven songs from this band’s debut album, Songs about Girls and Other Disasters. Now, not even two weeks later, we’re adding all four songs from the Lads’ second release–songs which came about after four folks who donated $200 each toward the band’s Kickstarter campaign chose to be gifted, in return, with a song written and recorded for them. One of the songs was written by one of the donators; the other three are Lads originals. All are now spinning in rotation: “Ping Pong,” “Carpet Kit,” “Best Side of Me,” and “Anna Borg.” This band is a real treat.

dannyDanny Medakovic | Jolley Cut This longtime producer and engineer steps out in front of the microphone for a wonderful collection of melodic pop songs, colored with a country brush, that listeners will love. Affecting and soulful, the five songs we’ve added to the playlist will touch your heart: “The Hardest Part,” “Jolley Cut,” “Rewind,” “Crooked Hill,” and “Ode to Bob.” A surprise submission to Pure Pop Radio that really sings.

lunchboxLunchbox | Lunchbox Loves You This is smashingly vibrant melodic pop from a band new to our ears. Charm is the name of the game here; expect to look in the mirror and be greeted with a wide smile. We’ve added six songs to our playlist: “Everybody Knows,” “Tom, What’s Wrong,” “What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You,” “It Feels Good to Lose,” “Another Dance Floor,” and “I Go Mad.” Hooks galore–enough to fill a big ol’ tackle box, as they say.

lsbThe LSB Experience | The Experience Fans of exquisite vocal harmony matched with genuinely catchy songs will embrace the LSB Experience with a great big hug of love. This Netherlands trio is closest in sound to the American west coast vocal band Venice at the same time as they stretch out in different musical directions. From the LSB Experience’s new album, we’ve added eight songs: “I Was Blind,” “Only a Dream,” “The Land of the Living,” “Little Princess,” I Wish I Could Tell You,” “Little Treasure,” “The Cry of Love,” and “This Song.” Quite beautiful and rather essential.

We hope you enjoy today’s list of new adds to our playlist. More new adds coming very soon!

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

2 responses to “It’s New Tunes Thursday! Just like Two for Tuesday, Only More Musical!”

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words and the spins, Alan! Nice to finally have the new album out and you’re the first to broadcast it or write about it!

    “Pop Art” can be pre-ordered at our website for either download or CD, and it will also be on iTunes and all the usual suspects on release day, 3rd Feb 2015… but without the bonus tracks 😉

    ~ DC

    1. You’re welcome, DC. Wonderful album. Thanks for the great music! Highly recommended!


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