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The Pure Pop Radio website presents reviews of new and new-to-you melodic pop recordings, along with a wide variety of features. Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio was the original 24-hour Internet radio station playing the greatest melodic pop music from the ’60s to today, from the Beatles to the Spongetones, the Beach Boys to the Kurt Baker Combo, Michael Carpenter, Terry Draper, Richard Barone, Teenage Fanclub, Big Star and the Weeklings, and from Richard X. Heyman and the Connection to Nick Piunti and the Nines.

Pure Pop Radio began on WEBR, a Northern Virginia cable radio station in 1995, not long after I hosted two short-lived shows: Lost Treasures and Guilty Pleasures, a two-hour feast of deep cuts and rarities, and an all-Beatles program. I was searching for another radio vehicle, though, and found it one day while looking at a wall of import singles in a local record store. I noticed that the titles I was attracted to were of the melodic pop variety. Melodic pop has been my favorite kind of music since I began listening to AM radio as a kid in the 1960s.

Pop maestro Emitt Rhodes and Pure Pop Radio's Alan Haber put their heads together in Los Angeles.

Emitt Rhodes and Alan Haber, IPO Los Angeles, 1998

Borrowing from the title of Nick Lowe’s Pure Pop for Now People album, I began the weekly Pure Pop Radio show, which ran fairly continuously until 2013, when it became a 24-hour Internet radio station. Pure Pop Radio featured a continuous mix of melodic pop music from the ’60s to today, with a full slate of specialty shows that aired in the afternoons and evenings. Melody and harmony were at the heart of everything we broadcast.

My great privilege and joy has been and continues to be the opportunity to support the indie melodic pop community by reviewing artists’ music and writing about it on the Pure Pop Radio website.

If you are a melodic pop artist and would like your music considered for review on this website, please contact me by filling out the form on the Submit Music for Review page.

Within this website, you will find reviews of melodic pop music releases, articles, interviews, archived station updates, and more. I invite you to explore–I believe you will be delighted with what you find.

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Alan Haber

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radio1Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio is the premiere website covering the melodic pop scene with in-depth reviews of new and reissued recordings, and a wide variety of features. The 24-hour Pure Pop Radio stream, which ran from 2013 to August 25, 2018, succeeded the weekly Pure Pop Radio show, which began in 1995. Welcome to your number one home for coverage of the greatest melodic pop music in the universe from the ’60s to today.