Well Foraged, Three Musicians Talk Chapter and Verse (and Chorus) Tomorrow on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation

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By Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio

Emerging from the forest and well foraged, the three musicians who rounded up a bounty of melody and harmony (see here) tell their story to me tomorrow on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation.

Andy Reed (upper left), Chris Richards (upper right), and Keith Klingensmith: The Legal Matters

At last, their identities can be revealed! Andy Reed, Chris Richards and Keith Klingensmith, appearing in fanciful pose in what can only be called animal press photos gone awry (no matter how cute they may seem), have gotten together in Andy’s cozy Reed Recording studio to wax the next installment in their ongoing search for the perfectly melodic pop song.

It so happens that this trio has scored another bullseye with Chapter Three, the Legal Matters’ third long-player, now out and about, courtesy of Keith’s Futureman Records. Tomorrow, you will be treated to one of our in-depth conversations, recorded in See! Hear! Pop!, our finely-tuned, video-riffic sight and sound format, in which we all find out everything there is to know about how this wonderfully melodic collection came to be. Drenched, as is their wont, in luscious melodies and sumptuous harmonies, these songs are the Matters’ best yet.

Here’s just one example of what the Legal Matters have come up with this third time around:

Chapter Three by The Legal Matters

Tomorrow, then. We’ll see you around 11:45 am ET for my in-depth conversation with the Legal Matters, talking about their new album, Chapter Three.

Where to Get the Legal Matters’ Chapter Three: Futureman Records on Bandcamp

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