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The Solicitors Plot World Domination! New Album, Blank Check, is Coming At You in October!

the solicitors - blank check coverWe’ve been in love with the catchy pop of Australia’s The Solicitors since we first heard their delectable, Stiff-inspired tunes late last year. With enough tracks written and committed to wax, and after humming Lee Jones’s top-flight melodious melodies to ourselves, it’s nearly time to greet the group’s first album, Blank Check, set to hit Oz and beyond in October. It’s already Pure Pop Radio approved, and we simply can’t wait.

Australia's The Solicitors
Australia’s The Solicitors

Actually, we don’t have to, because we’ve heard the whole thing and it’s as spectacular as anyone could have hoped. Song after song, melody after melody, Jones delivers the goods with remarkably concise, catchy nuggets that cause the heavens to open up and sing along. The Solicitors’ first single from Blank Check is the crazy good, intoxicating basher “If You Let Me Hold You” that will hopefully take over radio and stereo systems all around the world. Kicking off with an insistent bass guitar thump underpinned by a solid drum beat, the song gets into gear with one of the top hooks you’re liable to hear in the coming months. The verses are as catchy as the choruses, which build on the verses by setting the melody free with delicious harmony vocals. And watch out for one of the best middle-eights like ever.

You can watch Lee, his Energizer bunny-like guitarist Laf Zee and the rest of the band deliver the goods in the video for “If You Let Me Hold You,” handily presented to you right here:

Pretty great, huh? Well, there’s even more great abounding: Pure Pop Radio is proud to be able to bring you an exclusive track from Blank Check, “My Secret is Safe with Me,” a typically energetic Solicitors number with another catchy chorus that will roll around in your head for ages. Listen to it here by clicking on the play button coming right up, courtesy of the great Scott Thurling at the Solicitors’ record label, Popboomerang Records. (You can also hear the song playing in rotation on the air.) Here comes “My Secret is Safe with Me”!

If your desire is to know everything there is to discover about the Solicitors and Lee Jones, click here to listen to Lee’s appearance on our signature interview program, Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, from earlier this year. It’s a great talk that you won’t soon forget.

So. Mark your calendars. October 2014. The release of the Solicitors’ smashing new album, Blank Check. Listen now to Pure Pop Radio for “My Secret is Safe with Me” (exclusive to us), “If You Let Me Hold You,” “Pretty Penny,” “Quicksand,” and “Help Me Forget.” We’re going Solicitors crazy! And you will too!

Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

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