Timmy Sean’s Songs of the Week, Week 5: “Hold It Strong”… Wow. And more!

timmy-sean-song-of-the-weekThe fifth song in Timmy Sean’s Songs of the Week series emerges squarely from the could-have-been-on-Paul-McCartney’s-first-or-second-solo-album camp.

“Hold It Strong” has all of the elements needed for you to be able to slap a “Very McCartney-esque” stamp on it. The song starts out with Timmy’s emotional vocal up front in the mix atop an equally emotional piano part. Timmy’s falsetto, at the end of the second vocal line, is followed by some lovely background vocal harmonies and strings, which are followed by phased guitar and steady drums and a lovely bridge that leads to the catchy chorus, sung in harmony as the singer pledges his support for a loved one. The guitar solo, also phased, wows.

This is one heck of a song, one heck of a performance, and…well, it’s a keeper. Timmy worked up until the last minute finishing the recording and mixing. It was all worth it–this may be the best in the beginning crop of Songs of the Week we’ve heard so far.

Of “Hold It Strong,” Timmy says: “The chords and melody of this one pre-date Noisewater (in fact, the pre-chorus uses one of the Noisewater ‘melody themes’ that run through a number of songs on that record). It’s one of several songs from that time period that I’ve had sitting around with just a bare-bones recording of drums, piano, bass, and ‘scratch’ vocals, with a few lyric and melody ideas just so I don’t forget them.”

What a performance. What a song. What a project, and we’re only in week five. We can’t, and we know you can’t either, wait for the next 47 numbers. See you back here next week for number 6 in the series! And be sure to pick this one up from Timmy’s Bandcamp page. And new today is a subscription plan that will pay great dividends–you can get a heaping helping of Timmy’s releases, even from his Luzer days, by clicking here. Highly recommended!

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