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Timmy Sean Charges Full Speed Ahead Into Week Seven of His Songs of the Week Project with “Gimme Everything”!

timmy-sean-song-of-the-weekWeek seven’s entry in Timmy Sean’s must-follow Songs of the Week project finds the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist cat charging forward with a straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll-with-a-pop-twist number sporting blazing guitars, pounding drums, and a fierce, right-into-the-microphone lead vocal.

“Gimme Everything” will burrow into your brain at lightning speed. You simply can not deny its presence. Fast and full of burning passion, with all of the instruments played by Timmy (except for the organ and sax), this thing rocks like a…well, you know. It kind of blows the doors off everything in its path. In a good way.

Timmy says: “The last two weeks have been a bit ‘down tempo,’ so I felt like it was time to turn it up a notch! Like Song of the Week #2, “Come On Mandy,” here is a solo version of a tune that I wrote that first appeared on the LUZER album Reset all the way back in 2004. It still has the essence of the original recording, updated with slightly different lyrics that I began singing live by 2005, some sax by Brian Mahoney (The Mahoney Brothers), and a killer organ solo from Jeremy Dyen (formerly of the band Blivit who shared many-a-bill with LUZER back in Philadelphia, and also played on tracks from Reset). I’ve ‘leaked’ this version to a few DJs over the last couple years, but never officially released it until now.

“I had been kicking around the idea of releasing a collection of LUZER songs re-recorded and re-worked as a Timmy Sean solo EP for awhile now, but will now be incorporating those recordings into this Songs of the Week project. Listening to these songs with ‘fresh ears’ as they say, there were a handful of them that I thought still deserved some life beyond the history pages of LUZER.

“Fun Fact: This is the one song that I’ve played in every original band I’ve ever put together, from LUZER to the current line-up of Timmy Sean & the Celebrities…even The Timmy Sean Trio blues group I briefly put together in 2009…more about The Timmy Sean Trio in the coming weeks…”

The Timmy Sean Songs of the Week project rolls on. Week eight is only five days away!

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