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Timmy Sean Ramps Up the Guitars for the Pop-Rock ‘n’ Rollin’ “Hey Jodie” for Lucky Song of the Week #13

timmy-sean-song-of-the-weekFor the 13th entry in his Songs of the Week project, Timmy Sean has turned the amps up to 11 for a rockin’ pop and roll number that will quite simply take your breath away.

“Hey Jodie” brings back sweet memories of listening to FM radio in the ’70s and ’80s. It’s a rock ‘n’ roll-meets-pop number with all the hallmarks of a classic radio hit: ramped-up guitars, a great melody, propulsive drums, and an electric guitar workout towards the end that quite simply could, and should, usher in a new era of air guitar heroes.

Timmy says: “Here’s another brand new solo version of a song I originally wrote for LUZER. I usually try to steer clear of talking about lyrics because I think it tends to take a bit of the ‘mystery’ away from the song, but this one I think has a little bit of a surprising inspiration coming from the Dave Matthews Band’s ‘Crash Into Me.’

“I always liked the idea of something that sounds very innocent and poppy or romantic on first listen, and then you realize it’s something darker or even sinister. I heard Dave Matthews once say that ‘Crash Into Me’ was about a voyeur peering in on a woman. I took some inspiration from that and wrote the lyrics to ‘Hey Jodie’ about someone who couldn’t separate television from reality, and began to stalk an ex-child star actress.”

Get the rockin’ and poppin’ “Hey Jodie” for your very own by clicking here. To get all of Timmy’s music, click here. Be here next week for another entry in Timmy Sean’s Songs of the Week project. The fun rolls on!

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

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