The Kid Gets Heavy: Timmy Sean Rocks the House With “Way Too Long”

timmy-sean-song-of-the-weekFor this week’s Song of the Week, Timmy Sean blows the roof off the house with a wild rock ‘n’ roll ride, a powerful, double-tempo number called “Way Too Long.” As you might expect, “Way Too Long” is way cool.

A crunchy guitar riff kicks this song into high gear. Timmy’s drumsticks practically pierce the skins as he pummels them into submission. An insistent, in-your-face vocal and the usual pop sheen take you back in time to 1970s FM radio for a Bachman-Turner-Overdrive-meets-Led Zeppelin-hangs-out-with-Jimi Hendrix dose of heaviosity. Powerful barely describes this tumultuous experience, a terrific, stereophonic assault on your rock ‘n’ roll senses. Whew! What a great ride!

Timmy says: “Here’s a song that dates back to 2009, if I’m not mistaken. After LUZER split, I decided to go back to my roots as a teenager learning Jimi Hendrix and SRV covers and put together a little blues band called The Timmy Sean Trio (blatantly ripping off The John Mayer Trio). Joined by Philly musicians Chris LeFevre on bass and Andy Meyer on drums, we played about a half dozen shows around the Northeast performing a mix of originals and blues rock covers. It was some of the most fun and effortless music-making I’ve ever done to this day.

“As much as I love writing pop tunes, there’s still the inner guitar nerd in me that would love to play riff rock and blues all day long. Anyway, this is one of three originals we had in the TST set list, along with a bluesed-up version of Week 7’s ‘Gimme Everything’ and one I’ll be releasing as another Song of the Week later this year entitled ‘Nothing But the Good Times.’

“This one features myself on drums, bass, piano, guitar, percussion, and vocals, and has a special guest appearance by my Sir Video and Timmy Sean and the Celebrities bandmate Frankie Pedano on funky clav and a killer organ solo at the end of the tune…”

Get on the wild ride that is “Way Too Long” by clicking here. To get all of Timmy’s music, click here. The next Timmy Sean  Song of the Week is right around the corner. See you then!

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