Live Track Sizzles at Philadelphia’s Fire Venue and Bar. It’s the Latest Timmy Sean Song of the Week!

timmy-sean-song-of-the-weekFor this week’s Song of the Week, a fun project we’ve been covering since its inception at the beginning of January, Timmy Sean delivers a sizzling track, recorded at Philadelphia’s Fire Venue and Bar last October–a live, full band version of “There’s No Other Way,” a track from Timmy’s so fine 2010 album, Noisewater.

“There’s No Other Way” is a mid-tempo tune that sounds like a leisurely, melodic slice of heaven that could have come out of the Beatles’ White Album sessions. An enticing chord progression and lead guitar lines that, especially around 2:28, sound quite George Harrison-esque, propel this one into your consciousness. The melody is the usual top-notch specimen that we’ve come to expect from this master of pop and rock forms.

Timmy says: “While I put the final touches on some brand new studio recordings of originals for the next couple weeks, I wanted to drop this one in the ‘ol ‘Song of the Week’ queue.

“…I wanted to feature another live recording from the last time I performed in PA. Back in February I featured an acoustic version of a song from Noisewater, ‘Hold On,’ so here is the opposite–a full-band version of a song that was originally just acoustic and vocals on the album. Recorded this past October at the Fire in Philadelphia, PA, here is ‘There’s No Other Way,’ featuring my east coast line-up of the Celebrities–Frankie Pedano on keys and backup vocals, Michael Vivas on bass, Michael J. Roxx on lead guitar, and John Tiedemann on drums.”

Add Timmy Sean’s live version of “There’s No Other Way” to your collection by clicking here. To get all of Timmy’s music, click here. Highly, so very highly recommended by your friends here at Pure Pop Radio.

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