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A Timmy Sean Three-fer: Timmy Dials Up the Volume, Softens the Sounds, and Pays Homage With His Latest Songs of the Week

timmy-sean-song-of-the-weekIn our quest to catch up with Timmy Sean’s Songs of the Week project, we’ve been hard at work in our well-appointed studio digging the latest tunes, one of which showcases Timmy with all guitars blazing, another that brings down the volume for an acoustic triumph, and still another that pays homage to none other than Hall and Oates.

First things first. “You Get Me (Runnin’)” starts out as an almost supper club kind of number, but quickly hits the blazing bricks with a hard-hitting version of a song that comes from Timmy’s LUZER days. Incorporating a Brian May-like guitar workout at 2:33 and Queen vocal stabs that will put a big smile on your face, this is another great Timmy tune.

About “You Get Me (Runnin’),” Timmy says: “Here’s another brand new solo version of an old LUZER tune that was only previously released as a b-Side on the ‘Come On Mandy’ single. This was one of the last songs we released as a band and was always a live favorite. In fact, when Dan from LUZER and I reunited for a short set with our old bassist Chris this past January in Hawaii, this was one of the few songs we performed, and it immediately reminded me how much I always enjoyed it. I think I may have to start playing this one again with Timmy Sean and the Celebrities. Here’s the brand new version of the ol’ LUZER rarity “You Get Me (Runnin’),” featuring LUZER guitarist Dan ‘Sally’ Salyerds on his original classical solo!”

And now for song number two. The luscious, acoustic version of “What You Do,” a tune from Timmy’s Noisewater album, is one of our favorite Songs of the Week. Lovely backing vocals and guitar picking provide just the right accents for listeners. Timmy says: “After a few weeks of production-heavy songs, I decided to scale things back a bit and give a glimpse at the type of arrangement you might hear at one of my recent acoustic shows.

“I feel like the boy who cried wolf a bit after a number of false starts launching my new project Sir Video live, but we’ve finally locked down a line-up (that we’ll be announcing soon) and have been quietly in rehearsals for the last few months. Since we’ve been tied up with that material, in the meantime, my only original live shows have been solo acoustic ones. This track originally from Noisewater is a staple of those solo shows, and this new exclusive acoustic version is a good approximation of how you may hear it in those sets.”

hall-and-oatesThe very latest Song of the Week is a faithful cover, sans spin, of Hall and Oates’ classic, “Private Eyes.” Playing all of the instruments and singing up a storm, Timmy bows before one of the great ’70s numbers. Timmy says: “Here’s a tune that I’ve always wanted to cover. I recently saw an episode of Live from Daryl’s House featuring Ben Folds covering this, and although I loved what they did with it, it reminded me just how much I love the original arrangement.

“So instead of putting any kind of crazy spin on it, I decided I wanted to do a very faithful-to-the-original version. The only real difference is that to avoid trying to compete with Daryl Hall’s original vocal riffing at the end (the KING of melodic vocal riffing), I thought I could put my own little stamp on it…on guitar. Plus…it’s just a really fun chord progression to solo over. Maybe one day I’ll get the chance to jam it out with Daryl and the band on Live from Daryl’s House.

Add Timmy Sean’s “You Get Me (Runnin’)” to your collection by clicking here. Add Timmy’s acoustic version of “What You Do” to your collection by clicking hereAnd, last but not least, add Timmy’s cover of Hall and Oates’ “Private Eyes” by clicking here. To get all of Timmy’s music, click here. And check back next week for another new Song of the Week!

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