Circle Sunday Afternoon for Repeat Broadcasts of Pop Tunes and Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation

purepoplogoPut a big red circle around your afternoon hours for this Sunday: Repeat broadcasts of the second Pop Tunes deejay show and Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation with the Weeklings are coming your way.

pop tunes

On Sunday at 3 pm ET (noon PT), a repeat of the second Pop Tunes deejay show fills your ears with a 90 minute melodic pop music soundtrack, featuring two sets of new music from such artists as Pop 4, the Corner Laughers, and the Ravines; a set that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that pop music is alive; a long, extended set featuring a half-dozen songs revolving around the word “yesterday”; and much more.


At 5 pm ET (2 pm PT) on Sunday, Alan’s interview with Glen Burtnik and Bob Burger from the Beatles-centric group, the Weeklings, airs along with a trio of classics from the band’s fab, first, self-titled album. It’s a repeat performance from Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation.

everylittlethinglogo-smallbill lloyd

Looking ahead to next week, we’ve got a new Pop Tunes deejay show for this Monday night at 9 pm ET (6 pm PT); and a brand-new edition on Tuesday night at 7 pm ET (4 pm PT) of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, with none other than Bill Lloyd, whose new single and CD-EP are now rocking the pop world. Also coming up next week: a new episode of the weekly Beatles roundtable, Things We Said Today on Thursday; a repeat edition of Ken Michaels’ Every Little Thing on Monday night; and, of course, the greatest melodic pop music in the universe playing 24-hours-a-day.

There you go…your week’s all planned out and ready to pop and roll! Thanks for listening!

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

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