Beatles Month Hits the Finish Line with Timmy Sean’s Epic Take on Abbey Road’s Triumphant Medley

timmy sean beatles monthTimmy Sean has pulled out all of the stops for the final entry in the Beatles Month portion of his ongoing, yearlong Songs of the Week project.

For his fourth take on a standout track from the richest catalog in modern music history, Timmy, playing all the instruments and singing all the vocals, has put his stamp on the medley from Abbey Road that starts with the gorgeous lullaby, “Golden Slumbers,” and concludes with the exciting finish, “The End.” Putting his heart and soul into this track, Timmy has even recreated Ringo Starr’s famous, and one and only, drum solo on record as a Beatle. And it’s all quite fab, of course!

Recorded over the past year and finished up yesterday, this is an exciting close to the Songs of the Week’s Beatles Month.

beatles abbey roadAbout this final Beatles Month track, Timmy says: “What better way to finish up Beatles Month than the way they finished it with the final stretch of the Abbey Road medley. I always thought side 2 of Abbey Road played like a classical piece, and I really think hundreds of years from now it’ll still be looked at that way. So I decided to treat it like that and (other than a few liberties putting orchestral parts on guitars), play the music pretty much exactly as it was written.”

Timmy’s exciting version of “Golden Slumbers – Carry that Weight – The End” is now playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio, along with every one of the Songs of the Week released since the project began. Add the “Golden Slumbers – Carry that Weight – The End” medley to your collection by clicking here. To get all of Timmy’s music, click here.

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