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Sir Video’s Debut: Just Around the Corner, as this Week’s Timmy Sean Song of the Week Proves

timmy sean thursdaysIf you’ve been following along with us this year and digging Timmy Sean’s Songs of the Week project, you’re well aware of Sir Video, the artist’s side band that’s about to make a big splash in the pop waters.

This week’s Song of the Week is a solo, acoustic version of a number that appeared on the 2014 EP from Sir Video, Light Years. It’s light and breezy and it’s another hit for listeners who crave Timmy’s sound. Close your eyes, picture an island setting with the wind blowing calmly and the sound of serene waters surrounding you, and you’ve got the idea. As usual, there’s a lot of activity going on, surrounding the music. Here’s Timmy to bring you up to date:

“After years in the works, today I am announcing the debut show from my new band Sir Video. Since the project has a bit of a ‘retro-futuristic’ vibe to it, what better day to launch it than the DISTANT DAY IN THE FUTURE that Marty McFly travels to in Back to the Future: Part II…October 21, 2015.

“We are renting out the premier Stage 1 at Swing House Studios in Los Angeles to throw a Back to the Future-themed party, which will also serve as a release show for our new digital EP, Young as the Night, which, combined with the tracks from last year’s Light Years EP, will be available as a limited edition CD as EP I / EP II. 

“Which brings me to this week’s song. To celebrate the launch of the new project, I will be featuring a few Sir Video related tunes leading up to the show and EP release. The first of these is a ‘Timmy Sean’ solo acoustic version of a song first featured on 2014’s Light Years EP, entitled ‘Take My Breath Away.’ If you are a subscriber you will receive this as part of your subscription, but for this week only, I am also offering this track completely for FREE to anyone. So feel free to share it on Facebook or Twitter, and for those of you in Los Angeles, RSVP to for free admission (and free beer!) to our debut show on 10/21/15!”

Timmy Sean’s acoustic version of the Sir Video tune “Take My Breath Away” is a free download; click here to add it to your collection. To get all of Timmy’s music, click here.

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