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Bob Lind and Jamie Hoover Guest on Next Week’s Double-Play Edition of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation

mic-small 10Bob Lind, one of music’s most iconic writers and performers, guests on next week’s brand-new, double-play edition of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation along with Jamie Hoover, who produced many of the songs on Lind’s latest album, Magellan Was Wrong. Alan Haber speaks to both musicians next Tuesday night, August 23, right here on Pure Pop Radio.

bob lind magellanLind and Hoover appear in lively, information-packed, separate interviews. Lind, whose interview airs first at 8 pm ET, goes in-depth on three of the songs on Magellan Was Wrong, talking about what he was trying to get across, his writing process, and his views on a number of informative topics.

bob lind poseLind also talks at length about his iconic song “Elusive Butterfly,” which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. You’ll hear “Elusive Butterly,” as well as “Blind Love,” “From the Road,” and the title song from Magellan Was Wrong.

Fjamie hover photorequent guest Jamie Hoover’s interview airs at approximately 9:06 pm ET in the second half of this historic double-play edition of In Conversation. Jamie speaks in his role as producer of many of the songs on Magellan Was Wrong. He talks about what it’s like to produce Bob Lind, how he goes about arranging Bob’s tunes, and how Bob’s music has affected his own work. As a bonus, you’ll hear Jamie’s version of “Elusive Butterly,” which appeared on his great Lind Me Four EP in 2008.

Alan’s interviews with Bob Lind and Jamie Hoover kick off a long string of new talks with pop music’s greatest artists, all of which will be airing in the weeks to come on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation. Don’t miss a single moment!

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