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Tonight at 9 pm ET: Brian Ray Spins Tantalizing Tales of The Bayonets on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation

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* Brian Ray sits in with Alan Haber on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation
tonight, Tuesday, May 9, at 9 pm ET

Fans of Sir Paul–Paul McCartney, of course–will be familiar with Brian Ray’s work in Paul’s band, a position he’s held for the past 15 years. A pretty good gig, we would say! But did you know that Brian is also a solo artist, with a couple of long players to his credit?

the bayonets coverDid you also know that Brian has a new band with Oliver Lieber, son of rock royalty classic songwriter Jerry Lieber (of Lieber and Stoller fame)? Well, he does, and the band’s called The Bayonets. Their smashing new album, Crash Boom Bang!, an exciting expansion (two extra tracks!) of the 2014 self-released collection, comes out on May 17 on JEM Records. The packaging, by the way, is also smashing.

The Bayonets CaracaturesBrian sits in with me tonight, Tuesday, May 9, at 9 pm ET to talk about how he met Oliver and decided to form The Bayonets. Brian also waxes poetic about songwriting and, in particular, lyric writing. You’ll hear two -pop-rockin’ songs from Crash Boom Bang!, “Sucker for Love” and the Rolling Stones-y slow burner, “Cotton Candy.” Hooks galore are in store. (We’re currently playing both of these songs, plus many others, in rotation; check our review and song list coming soon.)

Don’t miss Brian Ray on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation tonight at 9 pm on Pure Pop Radio. What’s that you hear? Crash Boom Bang!


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