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Alan Haber’s Pop Tunes Deejay Show | Playlist: Show #38 | 2-22-18

alan headshot from schoolBy Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio

Hey, Kats and Kittens! Dig this:

Alan Haber’s Pop Tunes Deejay Show #38 | 2-22-18

pop tunes disc smallThe Playlist:

1. Dana Countryman | Pop Tunes Theme
2. The Association | “Everything that Touches You” | Birthday, 1968

Set: World Premiere!
3. The Weeklings | “In the Moment” | Single, 2018 (World Internet Radio Premiere!)
4. The Beatles | “And Your Bird Can Sing” | Revolver, 1966
5. The Weeklings | “Little Elvis” | Studio 2, 2016
6. George Harrison | “Wah-Wah” | All Things Must Pass, 1970

Set: Linus!
7. Linus of Hollywood | “Won’t Let It Get Me Down” | Cabin Life, 2018
8. Spygenius | “Eucalyptus and Cigarettes” | Pacephale, 2016
9. The Tonighters | “Flower” | Kathleen Rose, 2018
10. Linus of Hollywood | “It Was You” | Cabin Life, 2018

Set: New!
11. Philip B. Price | “Criminal” | Without Your Love I’d Be Nowhere at All: Best of the Solo Archives 1988-2004, 2018
12. Ronnie D’Addario | “Let Me Just Look at You” | Best of 1976-1983, 2017
13. Juliana Hatfield | “I Honestly Love You” | Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John, 2018
14. Philip B. Price | “Bergen St. Totally” | Without Your Love I’d Be Nowhere at All: Best of the Solo Archives 1988-2004, 2017

Set: More New!
15. Christopher Cash and the Brilliant Deductions | “One Way Ride” | Single, 2018
16. Chris Price | “Breakfast Cruise” | Dalmatian, 2018
17. Graham Gouldman | “Play Nicely and Share” | Play Nicely and Share, 2017

Set: New Plus!
18. Dragsterbarbie | “Love Sissy” | Single, 2017
19. Brady Harris Band | “Love Will Break You” | NoHo, 2017
20. Daisy House | “Letter to No One” | Crossroads, 2017
21. Don Dixon | “SOFSOL” | I Lived in the Time of Organ Grinders, 2016

Set Close:
22. Bill Lloyd | “The Best Record Ever Made” | Boy King of Tokyo, 2012

Plus: Alan’s Snappy Deejay Patter!

Playlists for Alan Haber’s Pop Tunes Deejay Show will now appear exclusively in the special playlists section of this website, beginning with show #39 (3-6-18).

Playlists for shows 1-38 will be retained in the Notes section of the show’s Facebook page.

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