Alan Haber’s Pop Tunes Deejay Show | Playlist: Show #49 | 4-17-18

alan headshot from schoolBy Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio

Hey, Kats and Kittens! Dig this:

Alan Haber’s Pop Tunes Deejay Show #49 | 4-17-18

pop tunes disc smallThe Playlist:

1. Dana Countryman | Pop Tunes Theme
2. The Detergents | “Leader of the Laundromat” | The Many Faces of the Detergents, 1964

Set Two: New Plus Todd!
3. Wilson | “Right Here” | Single, 2018
4. Scot Sax | “I Never Loved You” | Drawing from Memory, 2018
5. Todd Rundgren | “Cliché” | Faithful, 1976
6. John Howard | “No More Crying” | The Inner Beauty, 2018

Set Three: New!
7. The Ice Cream Conspiracists | “We All Need Someone to Love” | Single, 2018
8. The Sleep Junkies | “The First Time is Never the Last Time” | The Fowl Tone Sampler, 2018
9. Secret Friend | “Castaway” | The Divorce Album, 2018

Set Four: New Plus Too!
10. Soft Hearted Scientists | “I Wanted You” | Take Time to Wonder in a Whirling World, 2018 (Reissue)
11. The Connection | “Wish You Success” | Wish You Success, 2018
12. Roger Klug | “She’s a Singer” | Toxic and 15 Other Love Songs, 2000

Set Five: New and Fab!
13. Lannie Flowers | “Lost in a Daydream” | Single, 2018
14. The Beatles | “I Am the Walrus” | Magical Mystery Tour, 1967
15. Badfinger | “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch/Should I Smoke” | Wish You Were Here, 1974

Set Six: New Plus!
16. Scot Sax | “Parade of No’s” | Drawing from Memory, 2018
17. Harry Nilsson | “Turn On Your Radio” | Son of Schmilsson, 1972
18. Bill DeMain | “Brewster, IL, April 3, 1952” | Transatlantic Romantic, 2017
19. Bill Lloyd | “Let Me In Your Life Again” | It’s Happening Now, 2017

Set Close:
20. Graham Alexander | “Biggest Fan” | Graham Alexander, 2011

Plus: Alan’s Snappy Deejay Patter!

alanhaberspurepopradiographiclarge1-wp header

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