Gather Ye Hippies! Join Hands, Flower Children! The Summer of Love is Alive Once Again on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation

By Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio

It’s a lovefest of epic proportions: 20 musical merrymakers, gathered together on the stage of the Count Basie Center for the Arts, sending good musical vibes out to an all-ages audience thirsty for the sumptuous sounds of the Summer of Love and Woodstock eras.

It’s a gathering of waiting angels, hip to the sounds filling the vaunted Basie structure. And those sounds? Why, it’s Glen Burtnik’s Summer of Love Concert; the performance from last March is contained in all its peace and love and glory on the just-released, whole-lot-of-fun two-CD set from Jem Records.

Burtnik, a longtime (20-plus years!) Pure Pop Radio favorite and one of the lovely Weeklings, and Tony Pallagrosi, manager of the Weeklings and producer of this momentous, warmhearted, exciting CD, spoke at length and in-depth (the only way we do it!) with me about this Summer of Love Concert release, zeroing in on what goes into crafting the concert, and how the songs, performed so passionately by the cast, connect with the audience. I’m thrilled to present this outtasite conversation as the first of this new series of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation shows.

“They were pulling up gold out of the ground for the first time,” said Pallagrosi, looking back at the classic rock pioneers whose work is performed during the Summer of Love concert. Classics from the Turtles, the Doors, Joe Cocker, and the Mamas and the Papas to the Lemon Pipers, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, and Sly and the Family Stone are the order of the day; master of ceremonies Burtnik pulls off a 17-song show that will put a smile on the face of anyone who loves great, classic pop and rock music.

Here are some of the songs that make the Summer of Love Concert CD sing:

Listen to my in-depth interview with Glen Burtnik and Tony Pallagrosi below. Get Glen Burtnik’s Summer of Love Concert 2-CD set at Amazon. Peace, love and good vibes to all!

pprListen to my interview with Glen Burtnik and Tony Pallagrosi, talking about the new Summer of Love Concert CD, by clicking the play button on the following player, or click on the Pure Pop Radio button to the left to download (then right click and choose “Save audio as” to save the file to your computer).

Listen to Glen Burtnik and Tony Pallagrosi talk about Glen Burtnik’s Summer of Love Concert CD, in conversation with Alan Haber.

P.S. Look forward to the announcement of next week’s all-new episode of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation. The announcement is coming this Monday, June 24. This new show’s a good one, and quite timely! Think: California…

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