Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, Winter 2021, Episode Two: Terry Draper on Getting Lost

alan headshot from schoolBy Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio

Terry Draper and I, after innumerable back-and-forths broadcast over the years on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, find ourselves back together again chatting about Terry’s new album Lost, his best yet and, any way you look at it, one of the best melodic pop albums in recent memory.

You can see that we enjoy talking with each other, whether the topic of consideration is Klaatu, for which Terry kept the beat, imbued with spirit, or any of the 17 solo releases Terry has recorded in his 20-year solo career. This time around, Lost is on the table, so to speak, and we talk about the inspiration behind several of its songs.

Plus a whole lot of other stuff including songwriting process, whether Klaatu was a prog band (it wasn’t; try symphonic pop), the Peter Gabriel version of Genesis versus the one helmed by Phil Collins, and the importance of wearing different shirts for multiple video shoots (an important point).

You can see and hear it all below; it’s a lively conversation, just over a half-hour long. We smile and laugh a lot, and you will too. This edition of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation is presented in See! Hear! Pop!, Pure Pop Radio’s finely-tuned, video-riffic sight and sound format. And below the interview, you can experience some of the joys of Lost by watching videos for a few of our favorite songs.


Where to Get Lost: terrydraper.comAmazonApple MusicBandcamp

Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, hosted by Alan Haber, is the internet’s premier talk show presenting melodic pop music artists talking about their work. New episodes appear here exclusively on the Pure Pop Radio website. Podcast versions of previously-aired episodes are archived here.

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