Maggie Roche: Goodbye, Sweet Songbird

By Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio (Originally posted 1.23.17) A wave of sadness passed through my soul as the news emerged Saturday of the passing of Maggie Roche, the sweet songbird from deepest New Jersey whose singular voice intertwined for decades with her sisters Terre and Suzzy as the Roches. Her beautiful songs, imbued … Read moreMaggie Roche: Goodbye, Sweet Songbird

I Love that Album! #2: The Roches (s/t) (1979)

by Alan Haber  It seemed to fall from out of the sky, so different was it from everything else, its descent to earth slow and determined and harmony bound, as if protected by angels who knew that it was a gift from heaven. So it was, and on into the marketplace it went. The Roches, … Read moreI Love that Album! #2: The Roches (s/t) (1979)