Timmy Sean Goes “Live” for the Latest Songs of the Week Entry

timmy sean thursdaysTimmy Sean’s Songs of the Week project rolls into week 36 with a pounding live take of a song from his 2013 East Coast Girls EP.

“You’re Still on My Mind,” recorded at the Fire in Philadelphia last October 10th, is a shining example of how the excitement of a live performance elevates the emotions of a crowd invested in the music that surrounds them. Timmy and his Celebrities–Frankie Pedano (keys/vocals), Michael Vivas (bass/vocals), Michael J. Roxx (lead guitar), and John Tiedemann (drums)–kick up a storm on this classic pop-rocker.

Timmy says: “I’ve been spending a ton of time working on all the details for my new band Sir Video’s debut show in Los Angeles on 10/21 for the last month, so I decided to share a live track this week that originally appeared on my East Coast Girls EP. I also figured it tied in nicely since I have some very exciting news to announce in the next week or so about the Songs of the Week project, the East Coast Girls EP, and all of the covers that I’ve released as digital singles over the last couple years available in a physical CD format!”

Add Timmy Sean and the Celebrities’ “You’re Still On My Mind” to your collection by clicking here. To get all of Timmy’s music, click here.

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