New Song Adds! New from Terry Draper! New from Nick Piunti! New! New! New!

The Pure Pop Radio playlist is bulging at the seams with new music adds from a baker’s dozen artists. Who’s new today? Here’s who’s new today:

* Terry Draper. “All I Ever Needed,” a tribute to the late Phil Everly.

* Nick Piunti. “Believe It” and “Quicksand.” Two bonus tracks from the upcoming vinyl release of Nick’s superb 13 in My Head album. Out soon on Sugarbush Records.

* The CRY! Four songs from the band’s very cool, brand new album, Dangerous Game: “Discotheque,” “Same Old Story,” “Nowhere to Go,” and “Shakin’.” Plus: a song from another brand new release, Live at the Banana Stand: “Modern Cinderella.”

* Sproutless. This second album from Liars’ Club member Scott McPherson, created in homage to the wonderful group Prefab Sprout, features more luscious, tasty Sprout-esque tunes (we’re also playing tracks from Sproutless: Insights from Retrospect). Here are the latest adds:  “P.S. I Love You,” “Signs of a Life Worth Living,” “The Man You Fell in Love With,” “The Queen of Hope,” and “When the Sky Crashes Down.” All of these songs are sung by Scott and the great Texas vocalist, songwriter and performer Andrea Perry.

* Identical Suns. A fine new track, “Show Me a Sign.”

* The Del Zorros. Quickly becoming a Pure Pop Radio favorite, the band has two new songs and we’ve got them: “Slice of Love” and “Where’s My Train?”

* Trolley. A band to treasure. We’ve got six songs from Things that Shine and Glow: “My Obsession,” “In the End,” “Out of Love,” “Ocean Sounds,” “‘Til I’m Gone,” and “That Made Me Wanting You.”

* It Was 50 Years Ago Today: A Tribute to the Beatles, Vol. 2. Here’s another delectable compilation from Bullseye Records. We’re playing five covers of Fab classics: All the Young Dudes, “Please Mr. Postman”; Eight Seconds, “Hey Jude”; John Wicks and the Records, “We Can Work It Out”; Little Sisters, “Yes It Is”; and Todd Miller, “Misery.”

* The After Hours. A band new to Pure Pop Radio, thanks to the great Marc Platt. We’ve got all five of the songs from the band’s terrific EP, Shaken, Not Stirred: “Here to Stay,” “Going to the Go-Go,” “Kaliedoscopic,” “Keep Her Satisfied,” and “The Lonely Boys.” Superb pop all the way.

Tune in and hear these and more than 4,300 other melodic pop songs spinning in rotation on Pure Pop Radio. Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening!


Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

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