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Timmy Sean Explodes in 2015 With Visionary Song of the Week Project!

timmy-sean-song-of-the-weekPure Pop Radio favorite Timmy Sean has undertaken an awesome project that will see a new song by him available each and every week this year on his Bandcamp page. That’s 52 new songs in 2015 from the former Luzer singer/songwriter, current solo artist, and leader of the synth-pop collective, Sir Video. What a groovy bounty!

The first fruit of this grand-scale project, released on January 1, is the propulsive, catchy, pop-rock intensified, hit-worthy “Everything I Want,” which Timmy says “was originally recorded to be included with my synth pop side-project Sir Video, but the final result felt like it landed a bit more on the powerpop-rock side and seemed a little out of place with the other Sir Video tunes.” Timmy pounds a mean drum kit, and plays bass, guitar, keys, and sings on this terrific track.

The second tune, released yesterday as part of this exciting Song of the Week project, is a very cool new look at an old Luzer tune. “Come On Mandy” is another catchy number, an in-your-face, energy-filled, straight-ahead power pop song with a great melody, infectious background vocals, and an ultra-cool, Brian May-esque guitar solo. Timmy says: “It’s a brand new version of an oldie from my days in Luzer, the band I started all the way back in the early 00s with my high-school pals Dan Seeth, Chris Volk, and Dan ‘Sally’ Salyerds. 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of the Come On Mandy EP, and it’s a song that I still get requests for to this day with Timmy Sean and the Celebrities. I’ve had the idea for a new arrangement of this song in mind for awhile, and it seemed like an appropriate time to release a new version of it.” Another great song that should be climbing the charts!

Both of these great tunes are now playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio. We’ll be reporting on each new addition to Timmy Sean’s Song of the Week project; check back next week for the latest debut!

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

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