Timmy Sean’s Songs of the Week Gallops Into Los Angeles for Week Six’s Astounding “Western Rodeo”

timmy-sean-song-of-the-weekTimmy Sean’s Songs of the Week project has been a whole lot of fun. Each week, we have looked forward, with great anticipation, to the following week’s treasure. So what does Timmy deliver for week six? How about a lovely left-field turn, a whole ‘nother thing altogether–a western ballad complete with a gorgeous pedal steel part that will melt your heart.

“Western Rodeo” kicks off, and ends, with an acoustic guitar figure that would have been at home in any number of Big Star songs. Everyone can relate to the subject matter: The promise of something different, something new, something not of this place can carry a person through to the next, new horizon–in this case, Los Angeles. The melody is breathtakingly beautiful. Listen for the harmony reach at the three minute mark as Timmy casts each of three notes, one at a time, until they co-exist with each other and sing to the heavens. This is an astounding song, a lovely song, a song that shows just how far one can go with a great idea.

Of “Western Rodeo,” Timmy says: “This week’s song dips its toe somewhere I’ve never dared to explore before…country. Though, I feel like this song falls a little more in the 70s Southern California country pop/rock category than a traditional (or modern for that matter) country song. I don’t want to generalize about an entire genre, but if there’s one music style that doesn’t normally speak to me, it’s country. So when this song popped out of me a couple years back, I really didn’t know what to do with it. And there it sat until this ‘Songs of the Week’ idea came up. That’s what makes this whole project so appealing to me. With 52 songs on the way, I don’t need to worry about excluding certain songs that normally might not make sense next to others on a record. Now they all have a home.

“The most exciting thing for me about this song is the guest musicians. I sent the song to Elliott Beenk and Jamison Hollister to lay down some lap and pedal steel respectively, and what they both came up with blew me away. In my opinion, their parts really make the song. So without further ado, here’s a little tune I wrote about moving to the little ‘Western Rodeo’ I’ve called home for the last couple years, Los Angeles.”

Add “Western Rodeo” to your Timmy Sean collection, won’t you? Click here to gallop on over to his Bandcamp page. And be here next week for song number seven. We can’t wait.

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