First “Seventeen” and Now “Eighteen.” Can “Nineteen” Be Far Behind In Timmy Sean’s Songs of the Week?

timmy sean thursdaysWeek 28’s entry in Timmy Sean’s Songs of the Week project was entitled “Seventeen.” Timmy has followed up that Ben Folds-ian track with the logically-named successor “Eighteen,” a transcendent number that shows off the artist’s acoustic guitar dexterity and his love and mastery of melody.

“Eighteen” previously existed as a vehicle for Timmy’s band Luzer, having appeared on the group’s Fake Ass Rock Star EP-isode II album in 2002. This sensitive, acoustic version shows off everything we love about Timmy’s work: powerful, emotive vocals and his ability to hook the listener right out of the box. Light percussion and feather-light keyboard touches complement the seemingly effortless acoustic guitar parts.

Timmy says: “After releasing the brand new song ‘Seventeen’ last week, which I described as a prequel of sorts to a LUZER song I wrote at the age of 18 entitled (appropriately enough) ‘Eighteen,’ I decided to go back and revisit the original song. When LUZER formed, I was the oldest member, being all of 16 year old. Suffice it to say, there’s some songs in our early catalog that I’m embarrassed by. This one though, although a little on the melodramatic side lyrically (I mean, what isn’t melodramatic when you’re in high school), I thought held up pretty well. So, I decided to dust this one off for the first time in many-a-year as a little companion track to last week’s ‘Seventeen.’ Here is a brand new acoustic version of the LUZER track ‘Eighteen,’ as written by 18-year old Timmy Sean.

This is another must-get for Timmy Sean fans. Add Timmy Sean’s acoustic version of Luzer’s “Eighteen” to your collection by clicking here. To get all of Timmy’s music, click here.

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