Tonight on Things We Said Today: Author Dave Schwensen Talks About the Beatles at Shea Stadium

the-beatles-things-we-said-todayTonight’s very special edition of the weekly Beatles roundtable, Things We Said Today, travels back in time to celebrate the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ first concert at New York’s Shea Stadium. On August 15, 1965, the Beatles descended on the home of the New York Mets to play for just over 55,000 of the group’s most devoted fans…and never looked back.

dave schwensen and book
Author Dave Schwensen

dave schwensenAuthor Dave Schwensen, whose book, The Beatles at Shea Stadium: The Story Behind their Greatest Concert, looks back at the historic show that even fans that didn’t attend look back at with great fondness, talks to Ken Michaels, Steve Marinucci, Al Sussman and Allan Kozinn. In addition to writing about the Beatles’ Shea Stadium concert, Schwensen has written a book about the Beatles in Cleveland, Ohio, The Beatles in Cleveland: Memories, Facts and Photos About the Notorious 1964 and 1966 Concerts.

beatles at shea stadium august 15 1965Ken gets the discussion rolling by asking Schwensen why he thinks the Shea Stadium concert was the Beatles’ greatest show, and then it’s off to the Fab races for a wide-ranging discussion that you won’t want to miss.

Things We Said Today is a weekly survey of all things Beatles that is hosted by a quartet of Beatles experts–today’s Fab Four, if you will. Ken Michaels, host of Every Little Thing, is joined by Beatlefan Executive Editor Al Sussman, Steve Marinucci (Beatles Examiner), and Allan Kozinn, longtime music critic. Other well-known Beatles experts sometimes sit in with the core group. Things We Said Today currently airs every Tuesday night at 9 pm ET on Pure Pop Radio; the show moves to Thursday nights at 8 pm on August 13.

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