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Timmy Sean Serves Up “This Magic” and “April” in July. The Songs of the Week Project Rolls On!

timmy sean thursdaysThe latest two songs served up in pop and roll style as part of Timmy Sean’s continually vibrant, all-year-round burst of creativity take a decidedly catchy stance, with one taking the slightly softer road and the other taking a louder, more in-your-face route.

Named after the video rental store situated across the street from where he grew up in Yardville, New Jersey, Timmy’s side project, Sir Video, makes a Songs of the Week appearance with the ultra-poppy “This Magic,” a track that will be part of a Sir Video EP being released in October. This EP will buddy up with last summer’s Light Years release to form a limited edition set coming from Timmy’s new Noisewater Records, also in October. All of this only scratches the surface of what Timmy has in store; a detailed road map of the artist’s plans is laid out on the Bandcamp information page for “This Magic.”

“This Magic” is a typically infectious slice of upbeat pop, performed entirely by Timmy. We’re convinced that if you look up the word “catchy” in the dictionary, you’ll find the artist’s picture next to the definition. The hooky chorus is one of Timmy’s best; another delicious chord sequence draws you in. When the song is finished, you’ll be poised to push the play button for an instant repeat of this tremendous song, delivered squarely in radio-friendly and hit-bound Hall and Oates territory.

“April” tips the scales more to the rock side of the equation, while still hitting all of the usual pop touchstones. Punchy electric guitars lead the way, softened by Timmy’s poppy vocal delivery. The story behind this track, which melds a touch of yesterday with a whole lot of today, is delivered by Timmy:

“This [is] a tune that I wrote in my late teens that never made it on a LUZER record. I originally planned to just re-mix and release the original recording this week, but in the last 36 hours I ended up re-recording everything except the drums. So with the magic of modern technology, here is me in 2015 playing along with an 18-year old Timmy Sean on drums.”

*     *     *     *     *

Coming up: You’ll want to keep a look out for the next four entries in the Songs of the Week project. Beginning next Thursday, the project takes a decidedly Fab turn. Timmy says: “Next week kicks off a month-long Songs of the Week tribute to John, Paul, George, and Ringo, so keep an eye out…for the first of four installments of my spin on some Beatles tunes!” Very cool!

Add Sir Video’s “This Magic” to your collection by clicking here. Get Timmy’s “April” by clicking here. To get all of Timmy’s music, click here.

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