Pure Pop Radio’s Pop Tunes Says Thank You for Listening! And Here’s Last Night’s Playlist!

pop tunesThanks so very much for listening to last night’s premiere edition of my new, weekly deejay show, Pop Tunes! I heard from a lot of listeners who enjoyed the show. My thanks to all of you for tuning in!

I’ll be back next Monday night at 9 pm ET (6 pm PT) for another round of new songs, archived songs, Beatle songs, theme sets, and a whole lot more.

Meanwhile, here is last night’s playlist. Enjoy, and see you next week for another edition of Pop Tunes on Pure Pop Radio!

Set One: ELO Pop
1. Pop 4 – “Einstein and Sunshine” from Summer
2. ELO – “Mr. Blue Sky” from Out of the Blue
3. Kelly Groucutt – “Don’t Wanner Hear that Song” from Kelly

Set Two: Student-Teacher Conference/Beatle Blast
1. Timmy Sean – “You’re Going to Lose that Girl” from Songs of the Week
The Beatles – “You’re Going to Lose that Girl” from Help!

Set Three: New at Pure Pop Radio
1. Vanilla – “Monkeypox!” from Vanillla 2.0
2. Larry O. Dean – “Botox Party” from Good Grief
3. Pop 4 – “Tour for the Brokenhearted” from Summer
4. Ray Paul – “In My World” from the 2015 International Pop Overthrow CD

Set Four: Mixed Bag of Love Songs
1. Sonny and Cher – “Baby Don’t Go” from Hi-Five: Sonny and Cher
2. Cilla Black – “Step Inside Love” from The Abbey Road Decade
3. Mac McAnally – “Opinion on Love” from No Problem Here

Set Five: More New Songs at Pure Pop Radio
1. The Foreign Films – “Northern Love Song” from the forthcoming album, The Record Collector
2. Twin Within – “Bernie” from Horizontal Lines
3. Brady Harris – “Good Timin'” from Ukulele Days

Set Six: The 2000s Come Alive!
1. Andy Partridge – “Can’t Tell What Truth is Anymore” from Fuzzy Warbles, Vol. Six
2. Jeff Murphy – “I’m a Tool for You” from Cantilever
3. The Wellingtons – “Baby’s Got a Secret” from In Transit

  • Alan Haber

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