Win One of Three Signed Copies of Dan Pavelich’s Lost Hits of the 80’s!

dan pavelich
Dan Pavelich

lost hits of the 80sIn conjunction with today’s exclusive interview with musician and cartoonist Dan Pavelich, whose ace album, Lost Hits of the 80’s, features songs styled as if they actually came from that decade and were recorded by bands that actually existed, we’re giving away three signed copies of the CD that’s sweeping the nation with big tunes, big hair and big synths.

Lost Hits of the 80’s plays like the fun soundtrack to a movie about a decade that produced good songs, and, it must be said, lots of big hair. Imagined groups, such as Atari Hand Cramp, Pest Control, and Asmatics UK, are brought to life with the help of such talented collaborators as Pop 4’s Andrea Perry, Lisa Mychols and the Well Wishers’ Jeff Shelton; highlights of the record include Redd Roxx’s poppy “No Regret,” sung by the Waking Hours’ Tom Richards; the steady, rocking “Camera Shy” by the Vaporizers; and the Images’ slowed down, impassioned take on the Romantics’ “Talking in Your Sleep,” the only cover on the album.

purepoplogoYou can win one of three copies of Lost Hits of the 80’s by filling in the form below and sending it on its merry way to us. Be sure to type your email address where noted, and type “The 80’s!” in the Comments box. Lots of typing, we know. As always, only one entry per person. Entries must be received here at Pure Pop Radio headquarters by next Tuesday, October 13, at 5 pm ET. Void where prohibited by hair stylists to the stars and beyond.

Good luck!

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