Timmy Sean Heads Into the Home Stretch With His Mammoth Songs of the Week Project

timmy sean thursdaysIt’s hard to believe, believe it or not, that as of right now, Timmy Sean is 44 weeks into his immensely satisfying Songs of the Week project, which has brought fans new songs, demos, live tracks, previews of Timmy’s new band, Sir Video, and much more. This leaves only eight more songs to serve up to fans before the next musical challenges thrust Timmy into high gear for the melodic treats he’ll unveil in 2016.

Owing to continuing medical issues, we’ve been silent on the Timmy Sean front of late, which is not to say we haven’t been listening to the new entries in the Songs of the Week project. We have. Now, though, it’s time to report on them and get up to date.

Week 39’s Song of the Week is a rarity in the ongoing canon–it was written by Fred Maurer, a friend of Timmy’s buddy Joe Bucaro. Of “Bring Your Love,” Timmy says “I originally was going to cover it with a bit of [a] ‘That Thing You Do’ feel, but after Joe suggested giving it a bit of a ‘If Your Mother Has Her Way’ vibe from my Noisewater album, it became more of a mashup of Ben Folds and McCartney…funny how those two seem to always rear their whimsical heads into my songwriting.” This is one of our favorite Songs of the Week–certainly a McCartney/Folds mashup, heavy on the whimsy and adorned with a lovely Brian May-style guitar solo and a big showbiz ending, topped with a decidedly Beatle-esque treat. And all of this comes at you in 2:15. Amazing.

For week 40, Timmy revived a song that originally came to light during the LUZER era. Timmy says: “We originally tracked this song for the Reset album, though when I realized my pronunciation of ‘Aishiteru’ (Japanese for love) was wrong, I abandoned the song.” Timmy adds that the song came up the next year, but he “decided to rework the melody and completely start from scratch on the lyrics. It became the song ‘Give Me a Sign,’ included on the Come On Mandy EP.” It’s a catchy, breezy number, with prominent electric piano and Timmy’s relatively soft vocal.

The first single from the new Sir Video EP, also the title track, “Young as the Night,” was the star attraction song for week 41. A funky dance number, driven by an electronic presence, a propulsive percussion track and an assured Michael Jackon Thriller-era influence–not to mention a catchy chorus, “Young as the Night” is a bit of a different specimen than we’re used to from Timmy, but no less huggable. This is another side of a great artist that is a big part of the Pure Pop Radio playlist.

Week 42’s Song of the Week was featured in a full band version back on July 23; this time around, “This Magic,” a Sir Video number, is presented in an acoustic take, which puts added emphasis on the lovely melody and Timmy’s strong vocal. “This is one of the first songs that I wrote for the Sir Video project right after LUZER split in 2007,” Timmy says. “Though I love the full studio version, I do really like pulling away all of the frills on this one as I feel it really stands nicely on [its] own with just acoustic guitar and vocals.” We heartily agree.

sir videoA Sir Video preview was the function of week 43’s Song of the Week. “Bottle of Wine” is from the Young as the Night EP. Another dance number with a punctuated, soulful rhythm guitar part, this song sounds like a second or third cousin to one of ELO’s more upbeat tunes. Of course, melody is king, but bring your dancing shoes! The latest Song of the Week is another Sir Video number from the EP; “Take It Off” is a rock and roll rumble of a tune, with another great melody and catchy chorus.

That brings us up to date, and we aim to keep it that way from here on out. To add to your collection any of the songs talked about on this page, or any of the Songs of the Week that you may have missed, click here. This year’s Timmy Sean library will be amongst your most treasured music purchases in 2015.

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