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Two to Go: Timmy Sean’s “It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas” is a Bittersweet Wonder

timmy sean thursdaysThe second-to-last entry in Timmy Sean’s yearlong Songs of the Week project is a bittersweet Christmas number that ranks among the series’ very best.

“It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas” tugs at the heartstrings as it tells the story of love that’s missing, which casts a pall over a person’s holiday celebration. Gorgeous vocal harmonies and a rubbery acoustic guitar line around 2:40 make this song sing. It’s quite a beautiful specimen.

Timmy says: “All the way back in the mid 00’s, my old bandmate in LUZER, Chris Volk, had a demo of a song that he was calling ‘Ooh La La.’ I tried to get him to bring it into the band, but I couldn’t convince him. So instead, I just stole the intro of his song and put it onto a Christmas original song I was working on. That song was called ‘It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas’ and was originally released on the LUZER Yule Rock EP. I was never happy with my vocal performance on that version, though. I was fighting a cold, but we had a deadline to get the recording done in time for a holiday show we had planned.

“So in 2012, I re-recorded the song to release as a Timmy Sean single. As it turns out, history has repeated itself a bit. I had planned a completely different Christmas song to release this week, but again, the winter cold strikes again and I’m without much of a voice. The situation got me thinking back to those Yule Rock sessions, and reminded me that I always thought the song would work well ‘unplugged.’ So I laid some new acoustic guitars and keys in, remixed it from the ground up, and here is a brand new stripped down mix of ‘It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas,’ written by yours truly and Mr. Chris Volk.” Beautiful.

You can add the acoustic version of “It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas” to your Songs of the Week collection by clicking here. To get all of Timmy’s music, click here.

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