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Timmy Sean Inches Closer to the Finish Line: We look at the latest Songs of the Week

timmy sean thursdaysWith only two weeks left to go in Timmy Sean’s yearlong Songs of the Week project, we look back at the last four songs and, well, there’s at least a couple of tears in each of our eyes because we’d really like it if this would just go on and on. Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen, but wouldn’t it be nice?

Week 47’s Song of the Week is a powerful, live version of Sir Video’s “Bottle of Wine,” recorded at the band’s first live show this past October 21st. This incredible take features the off-the-charts drumming of Punky Balfour, who wins the award, hands down. This song was followed by Week’s 48’s tender power ballad, “Your Sorry,” which Timmy points out is not “You’re Sorry”: “…yes, the ‘Your’ is not a mistake.”

For Week 49, Timmy handled all of the instruments for a percussively poppy version of Brian Wilson’s “Merry Christmas, Baby” that sounds as if it were inspired by both Slade and Status Quo. Timmy says: “Not to be confused with the other ‘Merry Christmas Baby’ covered by Chuck Berry, Otis Redding, B.B. King, Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen…and on and on…THIS is the version written by Mr. Brian Wilson as featured on the 1964 classic Beach Boys Christmas album.

“I did a version of ‘Little Saint Nick’ with LUZER on our Yule Rock EP. At the time, it was a close call between covering that song or this one. ‘Little Saint Nick’ won out, and I’ve been itching to lay down an arrangement of this ever since.”

Week 50’s spirited, reverent cover of John Lennon’s “Instant Karma,” is a live version recorded at New York City’s Bitter End on Lennon’s birthday last year. Timmy says: “To mark the tragic anniversary of losing John 35 years ago, I decided to release this Song of the Week a couple days early.

“We recorded this at the legendary NYC club The Bitter End when Timmy Sean and the Celebrities played there last year on John Lennon’s birthday. I jumped back to the drums for this one and we brought up special guests Brian Mahoney and Jay Swanson from the Mahoney Brothers.” Brian Mahoney takes the lead vocal on this iconic song.

There are but two Songs of the Week left for Timmy Sean to share with the world. Stay tuned!

You can add Sir Video’s live version of “Bottle of Wine” to your Songs of the Week collection by clicking here. “Your Sorry” can be yours by clicking here. To get “Merry Christmas, Baby,” click here; for the live version of “Instant Karma,” click here. To get all of Timmy’s music, click here.

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