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New on Pure Pop Radio 9.6.16

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Spins and Reviews | 9.6.16 | by Alan Haber

peter lacey seaside hideawayPeter Lacey | “Seaside Hideaway” Single
Hot on the heels of his latest album, New Way Lane, released this past May, the British pop troubadour releases a jolly summer single with the ska-riffic title track the top drawer. Short and sweet and happy to make your acquaintance, it’s joined by the gentle reggae rhythms-meet-Beach Boys song “Sea Quester Bay”; you can just imagine the comforting winds swaying around you. Lovely to have more melodic Lacey to comfort our souls during these last, warm days of September.
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twice rhymesundial symphony todaySundial Symphony | “Merri Goes Round,” “Today is Just Like You,” and “Looking for Sunsets (In the Early Morning)”
Cheery bubblegum pop seems to be in rather short supply these days, so thank yous all around to pop’s all-purpose friend Robbie Rist and Don Frankel, who comprise the dynamic duo Sundial Symphony. All three songs could have been waxed by Ron Dante and the Archies (this is quite possibly already happening in an alternate, chewy universe). Kudos to Paul Levinson, who wrote “Today is Just Like You” solo and “Looking for Sunsets (In the Early Morning)” and “Merri Goes Round” with Ed Fox, for these melodic wonders. As a special bonus, we’re playing the slightly less-than-chewy original versions of “Today” and “Looking,” taken from Paul’s 1972 album, Twice Upon a Rhyme. Sweet.
black box Now playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio: “Merri Goes Round,” “Today is Just Like You” (Sundial Symphony and original 1972 versions), and “Looking for Sunsets (In the Early Morning)” (Sundial Symphony and original 1972 versions).
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duggy degs ep coverDuggy Degs | Another Good Thought Brighton, England musician Duggy Degs marries melody to thought on these expressive numbers, with the upbeat title track quite catchy and bathed in brightly experimental shadings. “Bringing the Family Home” is a sixties-sounding balladic, orchestrated composition, jazzy in spots. Heavier still, “Meltdown” rocks determinedly as if Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson were on board with his magic flute. Top notch.
black box Now playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio: “Bringing the Family Home,” “Meltdown,” and the title song.
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the recreations smile againThe Recreations | “Smile Again” For his second appearance on Pure Pop Radio, and all the way from Tokyo, Japan, comes pop visionary Yohei with another unique stretch of pop real estate, this time covering the circumference of a meeting-of-the-minds between sixties pop melody and contemporary vocal stylings. Plus a bit of alt-esque shading.
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the big believe pay for soupThe Big Believe | “Pay for Soup” Amanda Thompson, readying a Big Believe album for release in the upcoming fall, offers up a catchy summer kind of song, a light and airy number with a sweet vocal and a hooky chorus. This may well be my favorite Amanda song yet. It may well be yours, too.
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More tomorrow.

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