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Special Contest: Win June and the Exit Wounds’ “a little more Haven Hamilton, please” on Vinyl, with Bonus EP

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june and the exit wounds vinyl photoBack at the tail end of the 1990s, a veritable lifetime ago it seems, Todd Fletcher, working with popster Ellis Clark, perhaps best known to Pure Pop Radio followers as a member of Epicycle, fashioned a lovely, genre-defining album of luscious, melodic, classic harmony-filled soft pop under the perhaps unlikely name June and the Exit Wounds.

The 1999 album, titled “a little more Haven Hamilton, please,” delivers a whole lot of joy with its aural allusions to, most especially, Todd Rundgren’s Something/Anything? phase and the Beach Boys and the Big Dish and Danny Wilson and, likely, countless other masters of melodic excellence. The first song, the very Rundgren-esque soft popper “How Much I Really Loved You,” tells you all you need to know. It’s gorgeous through and through.

As is the entire album. Back in 1999, when “a little more Haven Hamilton, please” was released by Parasol Records, Pure Pop Radio received a number of vinyl copies, which was accompanied by a vinyl EP that contains two demos of songs not on the album. I recently discovered these in our archives; one of them can be yours.

No soft pop collection is complete without this album. On vinyl, it’s quite a catch. To enter, simply fill out the form below–be sure to include your email address and type “June” in the Comment field–and send it on its way.

Entries must be received by this Friday, August 4 at 6 pm ET. One entry per person. Only US residents, this time around. Good luck!

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