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Exactly one month ago, our first Pop Tunes Deejay Show made its debut on Pop that Goes Crunch Radio. Our 10th show aired last night–a special mix of soft pop, bubblegum and other sweet musical treats from the 1960s and 1970s that get you singing along.

Alan Haber’s Pop Tunes Deejay Show airs twice weekly on Pop that Goes Crunch Radio–Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 pm ET. The Tuesday show repeats Fridays at 2 pm ET; the Thursday show reprises on the following Monday at 11 am ET. Tuesday night’s show features new and recently-released tunes; Thursday night is Potpourri Night, with melodic pop classics from across the decades. You never know what you’re going to hear next!

Last night’s mix of soft pop, bubblegum and other sweet musical treats was a fun hour of catchy melodies. Check the playlist (all playlists are also posted on the Pop Tunes Deejay Show Facebook page; click here to be magically transported (and while you’re at it, please “Like” it)):

Alan Haber’s Pop Tunes Deejay Show #10 | 9-7-17

The Playlist:

1. Dana Countryman | Pop Tunes Theme

the banana spltis2. The Banana Splits | “We’re the Banana Splits” | We’re the Banana Splits, 1968

Set: Sweet ’60s Sounds

3. Gary Lewis and the Playboys | “Save Your Heart for Me” | A Session with Gary Lewis and the Playboys, 1965

4. Harpers Bizarre | “You Need a Change” | Anything Goes, 1967

5. The Ivy League | “Funny How Love Can Be” | Sounds of the Ivy League, 1967

6. The Tremeloes | “Silence is Golden” | Even the Bad Times are Good/Silence is Golden, 1967

Set: Sixties Pop Gas!

7. The Tokens | “She Lets Her Hair Down” | Both Sides Now, 1971

8. Donovan | “Wear Your Love Like Heaven” | Wear Your Love Like Heaven, 1967

the cowsills we can fly9. The Cowsills | “We Can Fly” | We Can Fly, 1968

10. Mason Williams | “Classical Gas” | The Mason Williams Phonograph Record, 1968

Set: Coconuts!

11. Hurricane Smith | “Oh Babe, What Would You Say” | Hurricane Smith, 1972

12. Cass Elliot | “It’s Getting Better” | Bubble Gum, Lemonade, and Something for Mama, 1969

13. Sailor | “Coconut” | Trouble, 1975

14. Harry Nilsson | “Coconut” | Nilsson Schmilsson, 1971

Set: Flowers on the Wall

15. The Honeycombs | “Have I the Right” | The Honeycombs, 1964

the statler bros. flowers on the wall16. The Statler Brothers | “Flowers on the Wall” | Flowers on the Wall, 1966

17. McGuinness Flint | “Malt and Barley Blues” | Malt and Barley Blues, 1971

18. The Knickerbockers | “Lies” | The Fabulous Knickerbockers – Lies, 1965

Set: Rag World

19. The Vogues | “Five O’Clock World” | The Vogues’ Greatest Hits, 1969

20. The Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra | “Rag Doll” | Today’s Pop Symphony, 1997

21. The Four Seasons | “Rag Doll” | Edizione D’Oro, 1997

22. Graham Gouldman | “No Milk Today” | The Graham Gouldman Thing, 1968

Set: Close

the grass roots where were you when i needed you23. The Grass Roots | “Where Were You When I Needed You” | Where Were You When I Needed You, 1966

Plus: Alan’s Snappy Deejay Patter!

See you on the radio this coming Tuesday and Thursday at 8 pm ET on Alan Haber’s Pop Tunes Deejay Show on Pop that Goes Crunch Radio!

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