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You’re Gonna Say “Wow!” Tomorrow, Everything Old is New Again! And You Can Win Something Vaguely… “Electric”!

By Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio alan 5 small

paint can yellow

Coming tomorrow morning at 11:45 am EST: a bright and cheery and fun and jubilant brand-new coat of paint. And a super-duper, vaguely “electric” prize giveaway.

Tomorrow is going to be one of those days where you search high and low for just the right piece of paper to jot down exactly where you where when.

wow-4Someone you know and love will no doubt, at some point in the future, ask where you were when the fine folks at unveiled, right before your eyes, the full-of-fun and sunny-like-the-brightest-day-ever cheery new coat of paint that will light up the pages of your favorite website celebrating the joy that melodic pop music brings to one and all. We think you’re going to say “Wow!”

can of paintWell, it’s possible. Maybe even probable. You may think us a bit giddy for kvelling over our new coat of paint, coming tomorrow morning at 11:45 am EST, but give us what we’re sure will go down in history as our day of jubilee (think about a strikingly similar moment in the faux life of faux-Communications Director Toby Ziegler and his right-hand-man Sam Norman Seaborn that was depicted in the West Wing episode “Six Meetings Before Lunch.”)

shiny light bulbNot only is tomorrow our day of jubilee–I mean, wait until you see our new coat of paint!–but it’s the day when we celebrate said new coat of paint–our day of jubilee, just like Toby and Sam!–by giving away arguably our biggest prize of the year…one that is vaguely “electric”!

11-45 amSo be here tomorrow morning at 11:45 am EST with, as some might say, bells on, or at least the kind of clothing you would wear for a kind of cyber-riffic new-coat-of-paint-esque celebration centered upon the unveiling of our brand-new, full-of-fun, sunny-like-the-sunniest-day-possible, full-of-joy coat of paint. And a vaguely-“electric” prize. That you could win!


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