Klaatu Celebration Week Continues: John, Dee and Terry Wax Poetic About Sir Army Suit

alan headshot from schoolBy Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio

This week, we’re celebrating the 40th anniversary of Klaatu’s momentous third album, Sir Army Suit, because, as I often say, history is important. With each song, with each collection of songs that we treasure from our favorite artists, we strengthen the musical foundation that we build upon.

klaatu sir army suit coverIt is important to know where things come from. Klaatu’s Sir Army Suit came after the group’s eclectic first album, 3:47 E.S.T., and the follow-up, the orchestrated concept long player Hope. Sir Army Suit was an attempt to build on Klaatu’s strengths with shorter, radio-friendly songs sporting indelible melodies, clever chord progressions, picturesque lyrics, and creative production for the purpose of increasing the band’s marketplace footprint.

Shorter, radio-friendly songs. No problem! From the opening classic “A Routine Day” to “Perpetual Motion Machine,” a sprightly tune about acquiring the gift you didn’t know you needed, this is what Sir Army Suit delivered. Moreover, the album served up a diverse musical experience that continues to resonate with fans today.

Klaatu’s John Woloschuk, Dee Long and Terry Draper spoke to me recently about Sir Army Suit, an album they look back on fondly. Click on the photos below to hear what they have to say about one of the great melodic pop albums of our time (then right-click on the stream graphic to download each interview).

john woloschuk with bass
John Woloschuk looks back at Sir Army Suit
dee long
Dee Long looks back at Sir Army Suit and ahead to new music
terry draper photo
Terry Draper takes a look at Sir Army Suit

In the spirit of our ongoing celebration of Sir Army Suit, on the occasion of the album’s 40th anniversary, we return this Friday with John, Dee and Terry each talking about three of their favorite Klaatu songs. Don’t miss it.

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