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Klaatu Celebration Week Concludes: John, Dee, Terry (and Alan) Pick Favorite Klaatu Songs

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By Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio

Picking your favorite songs by your favorite artists can sometimes be a fairly unreliable exercise, because your three favorites today might be totally different tomorrow.

Nevertheless, John Woloschuk, Dee Long, and Terry Draper were happy to play the favorite songs game when I spoke with them recently. Each of them chose three Klaatu favorites, and here they are, along with three of my favorites because, well, I wanted to play, too (my choices appear at the bottom of this page) (right-click on the audio streams to save them to your computer).

And with today’s post, we wind up our weeklong celebration of Klaatu’s Sir Army Suit, released 40 years ago this month. It’s been a lot of fun walking down memory lane; we hope you’ve had as good a time as we have.

John Woloschuk talks about three of his favorite Klaatu songs
Dee Long talks about three of his favorite Klaatu songs
Terry Draper talks about three of his favorite Klaatu songs

Alan Haber: Proud Music Geek!And now, without further ado, here are five of my favorite Klaatu songs (“Sub-Rosa Subway,” from 3:47 E.S.T., resides in its own little exalted corner of my brain and so does not appear here):

  1. “Blue Smoke” | Magentalane (1981)
    Originally titled “The List of Endangered Species,” this blazing rocker from Klaatu’s fifth and final album features particularly perky piano, John Woloschuk’s sitar, and Terry Draper’s stylish slide trombone, and rocking guitars too (crunchy and otherwise), all dressed up in the band’s usual fanciful wrapping. (John talks about this song here.)
  2. “All Good Things” | Endangered Species (1980)
    Short (under two minutes) and particularly sweet, this wistful, acoustic song, last in the running order on the Endangered Species album, also has an interesting story (John tells the tale here). Surely one of John’s prettiest melodies.
  3. “Hope” | Hope (1977)
    The glorious second Klaatu album’s closing and title song sports another of John’s prettiest melodies and offers up as positive a message as anyone could summon. Note the creative bass line that perfectly complements the melody. John told me that when he wrote this song, he was working above his pay grade. “When faith gives way to fear/When motivation disappears/All is lost if one abandons hope,” he sings. Words for every beating heart.
  4. “Calling Occupants (Of Interplanetary Craft)” | 3:47 E.S.T. (1976)
    This signature song, a grand statement if ever there was one, leads off Klaatu’s eclectic first album. Anything I could say here would be superfluous, especially since John and Terry, who co-wrote the song, speak so eloquently about it in their interviews posted above (Dee also talks about it). I will say, however, that any song that preaches friendship–even friendship across the galaxies–is okay in my book.
  5. “Perpetual Motion Machine” | Sir Army Suit (1978)
    Dee Long’s sprightly toe-tapper about the gift you didn’t know you needed is one of four solo written numbers on Sir Army Suit (he cowrote “Silly Boys” with John). What it’s really about, though, is anyone’s guess, but its lyrics speak to the collector in me (“You can have one today just send right away/We deliver right to your home”), so I’ll go with that.

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2 responses to “Klaatu Celebration Week Concludes: John, Dee, Terry (and Alan) Pick Favorite Klaatu Songs”

  1. Nice, ecelctic list. Strange to see a Magentalane composition topping it, but Hope sometimes gets a little lost in the majesty of all that precedes it, so glad to see it acknowledged on your list.

    1. Thanks. The list wasn’t in any kind of order; I just listed “Blue Smoke” first arbitrarily. I think it’s a great tune. “Hope” is great, too, a really beautiful song. Glad you liked the list.

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