Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, Winter 2021, Episode Six: Exclusive: Timmy Sean Rocks WandaVision!

alan headshot from schoolBy Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio

(This story doesn’t really contain any spoilers, but if you haven’t seen WandaVision–particularly the seventh episode–you might want to avert your eyes!)

Timmy Sean rocks WandaVision!

What happens when indie musician Timmy Sean gets blown away by the instantly iconic and revelatory song “Agatha All Along,” played during the seventh episode of Disney+’s iconic Marvel Studios television show, WandaVision? 

In a general sense, you get a rocking version of Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez’s minute-long, instantly-memorable tune that has of this very moment scored 232,009 views on YouTube and countless mentions–including the online version of the New York Times–across the internet skies.

For all of the very nifty details about how Timmy Sean was moved to arrange, record and post to the internet his version of “Agatha All Along” in record time, you should direct your mouse to the play button for the interview that appears below. Other than telling you that Timmy saw the seventh episode of WandaVision at midnight west-coast-of-the-USA-time and arranged, played, sang and posted his version of the song online in around six or seven hours, I must remain mum. Because the details are rather exciting!

My exclusive, timely interview with Timmy Sean, the sixth in the current series of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation shows, recorded in See! Hear! Pop!, our finely-tuned, video-riffic sight and sound format, appears below. And below that, you can experience Timmy’s wondrous rocking version of “Agatha All Along.” (But that’s not all: A very cool Agatha-riffic meeting of musical minds between Timmy and trap/hip-hop master Leland Philpot also appears below.)

Musicians and Marvel fans will dig Timmy’s detailed tour of his overnight arranging and recording session. Timmy will be back on In Conversation soon to talk about his just-released, so-very-excellent power pop-rock opera, A Tale from the Other Side.

For now, though, join Timmy Sean and yours truly for a very special Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation chat.


Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, hosted by Alan Haber, is the internet’s premier talk show presenting melodic pop music artists talking about their work. New episodes appear here exclusively on the Pure Pop Radio website. Podcast versions of previously-aired episodes are archived here.

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