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Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation Returns with the Flat Five’s Kelly Hogan and Nora O’Connor

alan headshot from schoolBy Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio

The Flat Five

A new season of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation kicks off next Tuesday, November 17 with a timely back-and-forth between yours truly and the Flat Five’s Kelly Hogan and Nora O’Connor, presented in See! Hear! Pop!, Pure Pop Radio’s finely-tuned video-riffic sight and sound format.

This first in a new series of In Conversation shows featuring your favorite and new-to-you melodic pop artists is a timely one indeed. This lively conversation comes as the Flat Five’s sophomore album, Another World, is released by Pravda Records. Another World continues in the storied tradition begun by the band in 2016, when their first, smash album, It’s a World of Love and Hope, made its way into the universe, charming music lovers from here to there and everywhere in-between.

Another World’s 11 eminently catchy and clever songs run the style gamut, embracing waltzes, shuffles, swing, retro and soft pop, and jazz, among other music types, and reflect the influence of bands such the Free Design, NRBQ, Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson. A massive influx of melody and, especially, harmony, drives this second Flat Five album’s classic-sounding numbers.

Here is nothing less than an infectious taste of what you’ll find when you put your CD player or turntable’s spin on the Flat Five’s Another World:

The Flat Five, a tried-and-true supergroup, its members having played and sung with artists such as Neko Case, the Decemberists, NRBQ, the New Pornographers and Brian Wilson, have neat and nifty stories to tell; during this program, Kelly and Nora will tell them all (well, some of them at least!).

Don’t miss the Flat Five’s Kelly Hogan and Nora O’Connor on the first in a new series of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation shows, next Tuesday, November 17, right here on the Pure Pop Radio website. (An audio version of this show will run on the Pure Pop Radio station soon.)

It’s another world, baby!

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Pure Pop Radio Rolls Further Into May Next Week with a New In Conversation, and a Whole Lot More

alan-mic-zWhat we’ve got in store for you next week here on the Pure Pop Radio website and on Pure Pop Radio, the 24-hour station, well, you just strap yourself in and let the magic flow!

We’re gearing up for more new music reviews and adds to our playlist. Because stuff happens and it happened yesterday, by gum, we’ve had to move the fourth day of our Four-Day New Music Songfest to next week, and oh baby what we have in store for you! So that’s coming in just a few days. If you missed any of this week’s postings, or you just want to relive the excitement, click here and, you know…catch up. And…

scott mcpherson 10Next week’s all-new edition of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation is one of our patented just-for-fun episodes, where a melodic pop artist talks to Alan about his or her favorite pop songs. This time around, Pop 4 and McPherson Grant’s Scott McPherson jaws about some of the tunes that mean the most to him in a rousing, two-hour get-together that you will simply not want to miss. Circle next Tuesday, May 10 at 8 pm ET on your calendar.

needle meets vinylWednesday, May 11, Brian Bringelson plays the hits straight from vinyl on Needle Meets Vinyl at 8 pm ET, and our panel of Beatles experts–Ken Michaels, Steve Marinucci, Al Sussman and Allan Kozinn–converse about important Fab topics on Things We Said Today (Thursday at 8 pm ET).


But there’s more: Alan’s recent pop and roll road trip with Pure Pop Radio Station Manager and award-winning Daily Planet photog Janet Haber (she’s the pretty one on the left) is in the spotlight in a lively piece of journalistic derring-do that talks about everything under the sun, musically and otherwise speaking. And there are pictures! And video! Oh my!

Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation on PodOMatic!

And, we add another podcast version of a very cool, recent edition of In Conversation to our PodOmatic podcast page, and…well, that would be telling!

So be with us next week, and stay tuned for news of some pretty swell upcoming In Conversation shows that will, quite frankly, knock your socks off. It’s a bit of a thrill ride, yes? Yes!

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

Scott McPherson (Liar’s Club) Guests on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation on 1/28 and Pays Homage to Prefab Sprout on Two New Albums

Scott McPherson

Scott McPherson

Liar’s Club member Scott McPherson loves the music of Paddy McAloon and his band Prefab Sprout. So much so that he has paid homage to all things Sprout on two new albums he’s recently released: Sproutless: Insights from Retrospect and Moveable Feast. Scott will be the guest on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation beginning this coming Tuesday, January 28 at 8 pm ET. The show will repeat on Wednesday, January 29 at 8 pm ET, and on Friday, January 31 at 6 pm ET.

Sproutless: Insights from Retrospect

Sproutless: Insights from Retrospect

These two wonderful albums, performed by musicians from points both near and far, and sung by Scott and the wonderful Texas-based singer and songwriter, Andrea Perry, will both delight and surprise longstanding Sprout fans. Sounding very much like the Sprouts without actually being them, the musicians deliver the songs, written by Scott and a host of other songsters, in grand fashion. These songs stand on their own as pure pop creations while also tipping their hats and hearts to McAloon’s sterling song craft. Songs like “Charm Offensive,” from Insights from Retrospect,  and “P.S. I Love You,” from Moveable Feast, perhaps typify the sounds that listeners will encounter from the Sproutless collective–lovingly-crafted songs with sumptuous melodies that stick like a hot summer’s day. They will both charm and move you, in the sense that you may well be moved to revisit the Sprouts catalog, recently added to with the real Sprouts’ “Crimson/Red” album. If you’ve never heard the Sprouts before, you may be moved to try them out for the first time.

Honest, true music can both bring you back to a specific time and place–the day you first fell in love, your first day in your new house, the day your child was born–and make new memories that will last a lifetime. Insights from Retrospect and Moveable Feast push both of those buttons for a collective experience that will put a happy smile on your face. Alan Haber will talk with Scott about these classic-sounding, newly-released records and play three songs that demonstrate their power. Prepare to be charmed.

Sproutless: Moveable Feast

Sproutless: Moveable Feast

Alan Haber’s interview with Scott McPherson will air Tuesday, January 28 and Wednesday, January 29 at 8 pm ET; and Friday, January 31 at 6 pm ET, on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, broadcast on Pure Pop Radio. Click on either of the links below to listen. Enjoy!

Visit the Prefab Sprout Project website at http://www.theprefabsproutproject.com/.

(The song “Steve McQueen” by Prefab Sprout began playing on Pure Pop Radio just as this story was completed. Really!)

Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes