Pure Pop Radio Springs Into Gear With Our Five-Day Bounty of Wonderful New Music. It’s Our Springtime New Music Explosion!

Mbasketballarch Madness® has nothing on Pure Pop Radio’s five-day bounty of new music that kicks off this Monday, March 21st at 6 am ET. You want excitement? Our thrilling, five-day-long Springtime New Music Explosion is stocked full of songs from both new and heritage artists. It’s a melodic slam dunk on or off the court!

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music notesNew music, just added to our playlist, will be swirling around our airwaves beginning this Monday at 6 am ET. Each day this week, we’ll be posting our usual, detailed slew of reviews, adorned with colorful thumbnails, of each and every add to our rotation. Need information on the latest and greatest melodic pop music in the universe? Look no further than right here!

record stackWe’ve got a ton of new music to tell you about–all of it stored lovingly in our deep library. This is music that comes from just about every corner of the world of melodic pop. We’ve got you covered: power pop, sweet pop, soulful pop, art pop and much more. As usual, we’re playing the soundtrack of your lives!
alan-micBe here this Monday, March 21st, beginning at 6 am ET, for Pure Pop Radio’s Springtime New Music Explosion. Stay with us through the rest of the week and beyond for nothing less than the greatest melodic pop music from the ’60s to today. Pure Pop Radio is happening!

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

High “Fives” All Around! It’s Day Five of Pure Pop Radio’s New Music Explosion. And We’re Still Just Getting Started!

wow-5This week has practically flown by! Wasn’t it just Monday…yesterday? Wow! Well, it’s Friday, and that means it’s day five of Pure Pop Radio’s exciting New Music Explosion, which is great news all by itself, but the even greater news is that we’ve got so much new music to add to our playlist that we’ll be exploding next week, too! Look for another great list of newly-added songs and artists next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Meanwhile, here’s today’s quartet of great melodic finds. Let’s make it happen, shall we?

never-surrender-coverNever Surrender: The Cheap Trick Tribute |  Various Artists We’ve long been big fans of Australia’s Zero Hour Records, a great independent label run by George Matzkou. Zero Hour continually releases great-sounding compilations in smart looking packages that you can hold in your hand and admire as works of art. The latest in a series of tribute albums curated by the label is an exciting two-CD celebration of the songs of Cheap Trick. Never Surrender serves up 40 songs from across the wide-ranging body of work produced over the years by one of the most loved bands of the rock era. All manner of artists deliver their versions of such great songs as “ELO Kiddies,” “Oh Candy,” “”Come On Come On,” and “I Want You to Want Me.”

Naturally, many of pop music’s greatest artists wanted, and probably even needed, to be part of the celebration of some truly great songs; quite a few of these artists are Pure Pop Radio favorites. We’re thrilled to have added to our playlist 16 tracks, each one guaranteed to have you up and running with your favorite imaginary axe, playing air guitar to these venerated classics.

Here’s the rundown: The Cry, “ELO Kiddies”; The Running Jumps, “If You Want My Love”; Chris Richards and the Subtractions, “Downed”; Stephen Lawrenson, “Such a Good Girl”; Lannie Flowers, “Oh Candy”; Spike Priggen and C. P. Roth, “So Good to See You”; Lisa Mychols, “Tonite It’s You”; Bill Lloyd, “Come On Come On”; Corin Ashley, “I Want You to Want Me”; Jeremy, “Takin’ Me Back”; Easterly, “Let Go”; Rob Smith and Danny McCarthy, “Had to Make You Mine”; Rob Bonfiglio, “Taxman Mr. Thief”; The Affections, “Say Goodbye”; honeychain, “I Can’t Take It”; and Michael Carpenter, “Surrender.” Not only is this an eclectic bunch of songs, it’s an electric bunch of artists, joining together to pay tribute to a classic group that has wowed the world’s music fans for so long. We’re proud to be bringing you tracks from this album, in rotation. Good job, Zero Hour!

the-corner-laughersThe Corner Laughers | Matilda Effect The award for the most enchanting melodic pop music album released so far this year must, without question, go to the well-appointed members of the Corner Laughers, who have produced a song cycle that sounds bright and cheery, wonderfully enchanting, and lyrically invigorating. From the opening, Motown vibe of “Fairytale Tourist” to the lively pure pop pleasures of the happy, bouncy “Go Fly Your Kite,” Matilda Effect, which releases today, puts a big smile on your face that nary a tissue or wet towel will be able to wipe clean. The reggae-meets-pop vibe of the closer, “Good Hope,” is quite intoxicating and joyous and mighty hard to resist, which you wouldn’t want to do anyway under any circumstances at all. Big hugs to the enchanting Karla Kane, who wrote most of the songs here; Khoi Huynh; KC Bowman; and Charlie Crabtree. Equally big hugs to Allen Clapp, who produced, along with the Laughers. We’ve added all 10 of the songs on this delightful album: “Fairytale Tourist,” “The Girl, America,” “Octavia A,” “Queen of the Meadow,” “Sophie in the Streets of Stockholm,” “Midsommar,” “Lammas Land,” “Go Fly Your Kite,” “Martha (Cincinnati, 1914),” and “Good Hope.” Color us enchanted.

adam-walsh-epAdam Walsh | The Crooked Trail of Midnight We’ve been playing a host of tracks from this mighty talented singer-songwriter for months. Whether on his own or with his pal Colm Gavin, his talent sparkles and lights the sky. Country, folk and a decidedly keen pop sense permeate everything Adam records. Might we refer to his music as Americana Pop? Perhaps. This EP is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to Adam’s considerable charms as a musician of the highest order. We’re playing, in rotation, “Child of Love,” “Hidden Times,” “Of Our Love,” “Love that’s Gone,” “Steamboat Dream (for John Hartford),” and ” Sun Goes Down.” Great stuff.

But that’s not all. We’re also playing a few other Adam tracks: a cover of the Bee Gees’ “Sun in My Morning,” Gene Clark’s “Here Tonight,”  and Jeff Lynne’s “Can’t Get It Out of My Head,” all three performed with Colm Gavin. Lovely, all.

andy-reed-2Andy Reed | “Darlin’, You Don’t Know,” “Good Girl,” and “The Show Goes On” Producer, engineer, songwriter, performer, member of the Legal Matters and all-around musical magician Andy Reed’s latest single is another one of his can’t-miss creations that even before the first chorus has been sung burrows into your brain and holes up there for, you know, ever. So, naturally, we’re playing it in rotation on Pure Pop Radio. The two b-sides are remixed versions of songs that appeared on the split EP Andy released with Brandon Schott a little more than a year and a half ago. We love them both. And you will, too.

*     *     *     *     *

Thanks for checking in this week and exploring our latest adds to the Pure Pop Radio playlist. Click on one of the listen links below to hear hundreds of new songs and a total of more than 6,800 melodic pop nuggets from the ’60s to today! See you back here next Tuesday or Wednesday for another edition of our New Music Explosion!

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

One, Two, Three…Four! It’s Day Four of Pure Pop Radio’s New Music Explosion. Get Ready to Pop!

wow-4Welcome to day four of Pure Pop Radio’s New Music Explosion. Are you ready to pop? We certainly are; this week (and next; see below) we’ve been adding hundreds of new songs and artists to our playlist. You’ve been following the fun, so you know: Once you get started, it’s hard to stop!

So we’re not going to. Our New Music Explosion will continue into next week. We’re getting very near 7,000 songs playing in rotation. That’s a whole lot of great music for you to enjoy!

Okay, then–it’s time to roll. Here we go. Here’s a Thursday mini-list of two very special, newly-added-to-our-playlist albums. There’s lots more coming. We’re here to wow you. Let’s go!

cloud-elevenCloud Eleven | Record Collection We started out in melodic pop radio back in 2005. We point this out to demonstrate how far we go back with many artists. In the case of Cloud Eleven’s Rick Gallego, we go back to 1996, when he released a compilation of 14 songs under the name Jiffipop. Thanked in the notes to that CD, called Demolicious, is Zane Drake, who pops up on Rick’s new album, playing guitar on two cuts. Which, in the scheme of all things holy, is interesting and important. Rick has been creating great pop music for a very long time; Record Collection, a superb, career-defining album releasing this coming August, is his best yet and will, if our prognostication skills are keen, be right up there on this year’s best-of lists.

As well it should be. With Record Collection, Rick has further shaped his sound into distinct parts that together form the melodic center of 11 grand constructs that fall under the heading of melodic, not power, pop. The title track, sporting a decidedly Beatley, “Penny Lane”-ish vibe, spiced with Probyn Gregory’s flowing trumpet parts and Nelson Bragg’s drums and joyous sleigh bells, sets the stage and perfectly outlines the job of the songwriter: “I take my time and make them rhyme/Day after day/The melody and the harmony/Come together for your pleasure naturally, sincerely.” Is that the lyric of the moment, one that successfully and succinctly peers into the songwriter’s soul? Indeed it is. (Both Nelson and Probyn appear throughout these songs.)

And is “Too Soon Was Yesterday” the stylistic musical marriage of the moment? Surely, this Burt Bacharach-meets-Paul McCartney-meets-Brian Wilson number is an astounding piece of inspiration, well played. The punctuating piano, topped by Probyn’s flugelhorn and moved along with care by Nelson’s drums, sits comfortably as Rick’s emotional vocal tells the tale of a love lost yesterday. “What If I Found You” marries an opening reminiscent of the Young Rascals’ “A Girl Like You” to a song whose production reminds me of Bones Howe’s work with the Association. The album’s one true power pop nod is the upbeat “A Sadness in Sorry,” which also manages to tip the scales towards the softer side of the pop scale.

Throughout the whole of Record Collection, Rick’s instrumental facility is second to none; there is seemingly no instrument he doesn’t put his hands on and make beautiful sounds with. Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, harmonium, mellotron, tubular bells, organ, pedal steel, and an authentic Indian sitar on the atmospheric “Indian Guru,” which offers up acute Beatles intonations in the intro, only scratch the surface. Also in the spotlight: popster Seth Swirsky, who plays lead guitar on “40 Below,” about a girl who builds an impenetrable wall around herself: “”She’s so cold, she’s 40 below/Turning hearts to ice, tears to snow.”

And there’s more, but we simply can’t cover it all, because then what would be left for you to discover? Turns out there’s plenty of joy to go around. Rick’s missive at the bottom of the inner credits panel of the package ring true: “Find Peace. Find Happiness.” There is a lot of both to be had here. Record Collection is absolutely, positively not to be missed.

(We’ve added the entire album–all 11 songs–to our playlist. Ladies and gentlemen, you’ll be enjoying the title track, “The Mystic’s Mistake,” “Along With You,” “High as the Rising Sun,” “Too Soon Was Yesterday,” “40 Below,” “What If I Found You,” “Indian Guru,” “As You Are,” “A Sadness in Sorry,” and “Let Us All Find Peace.”)

william-dukeWilliam Duke | The Dark Beautiful Sun William Duke’s new and absolutely wonderful collection of songs, recorded over a five year period, evokes the spirit of the Southern California sound from the 1970s, except these are the ’10s and William makes beautiful music in Northern California. So much for the game of Where Things Come From.

In any case, these songs are among the most effortlessly flowing melodic wonders we’ve heard all year. The toe-tapping opener, “The Golden Ring,” finds William channeling the vocal and instrumental style of early Bob Dylan. Another such toe-tapper is the delicious “Many Years Away,” which features harmony vocals that delight. “The Truth Comes Out at Night” weaves a slower tempo ballad into a faster gallop of a song to more than simply pleasing effect. It’s quite tremendous.

We’re playing nine tracks: “The Golden Ring,” the title song, “Sons and Daughters,” “Many Years Away,” “The Truth Comes Out at Night,” “Just Lookin’ for Some Sleep,” “The Great Escape,” “Summer Side of Life,” and “Your Laughter Fills the Room.” A nice surprise from a talented artist. We’re happy to be spinning these songs in rotation on Pure Pop Radio.

*     *     *     *     *

We’ll be back tomorrow with another list of new songs and artists added to the Pure Pop Radio playlist. Why not click on one of the handy listen links below and join your fellow melodic pop music fans as they (and you) enjoy the greatest pop music in the universe from the ’60s to today! See you tomorrow!

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

It’s Time for Another Pure Pop Radio New Music Explosion! Hundreds of New Songs and Artists Are Being Added to the Playlist Beginning Tomorrow, Monday, June 8!


Look at the cute, happy family above: They’re digging the melodic pop sounds being broadcast by Pure Pop Radio! Don’t they look happy? They love the tunes; they love how the tunes make them feel!


Speaking of tunes, hundreds of  them, heretofore unheard on Pure Pop Radio, have been mounting up in every nook and cranny, toppling over each other–a couple here, even more there, at all angles, and they’re so tasty and fine, they’re about to explode!

We’re talking about all of the new music that has been accumulating here in the spacious and melodic Pure Pop Radio headquarters. We’ve got hundreds of new songs and artists that we’re going to serenade you with beginning tomorrow, Monday, June 8. We’ve got so many tasty, melodic morsels that we’re going to be adding new tracks for five straight days, through Friday, June 12. How about that for a sweet June surprise?! (We’ve got a sweet Facebook event page you can join; click here to check it out!)

listening to music on the radio

The names of the artists and songs being added to our playlist are hush-hush; you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow morning, Monday, June 8, to find out which tunes are going to be new to our air. But suffice it to say, you’re going to be wowed like never before by new songs from your favorite, heritage artists, as well as tunes from new artists from around the globe. In other words, we’ve got a whole bunch of bushelfuls of catchy, melodic pop to get you tapping your feet to the beat that’s ever so sweet! You’ll be digging the sounds just like the guy pictured above!

Mark your calendars for tomorrow, Monday, June 8–the new songs start rolling in rotation at 6:00 am ET and continue rolling throughout the week. We wrap up our New Music Explosion on Friday, June 12 at 11:00 pm ET. We’ve got a happening Facebook event page that you will hopefully want to join. Click here to be magically transported.

Hundreds of new songs and artists are waiting to hit your ears. Be here throughout the week and don’t miss a note! Click on one of the listen links below and enjoy what we’ve been bringing to you for more than 20 years: the greatest melodic pop in the universe from the ’60s to today! See you on the radio!

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes