Tonight at 8 pm ET: Pure Pop Radio Worldwide Premieres from Brandon Schott and the Jangle Band

purepoplogoTwo weeks ago, Pure Pop Radio brought you the world radio premiere of Pop 4’s luscious, melodic gem, “Don’t You Be Like That.” Tonight at 8 pm ET, we’re bringing you not one, but two premieres: “Wake Up, Mary,” a charming, bouncy tune from Brandon Schott’s new, forthcoming album, Crayons and Angels; and another jangly, hooky, Byrdsian number from the aptly-named Jangle Band, which counts Pure Pop Radio favorite Joe Algeri amongst its members.

brandon schott crayons and angelsFirst up at 8 pm ET: Brandon Schott’s “Wake Up, Mary,” a bouncy, clap along song that could sit comfortably alongside Simon and Garfunkel’s “Cecilia.” Opening with the steady sound of a ticking alarm clock that suddenly goes off as the rise-and-shine wake up jingle artfully pans across the stereo sound field and gives way to acoustic guitars and percussion, the singer signals the day’s beginning with guarded optimism: “Wake up, Mary/The night is done/There’s so much more for us out in the sun/We’ve been sleeping for too long my dear/And if we stay too long we’ll settle here.”

Not simply a song about waking up and getting the day started, “Wake Up, Mary” is about rehabilitating a perhaps slightly stale relationship; it’s about getting in the car and driving to greener pastures for a new start and growing the weary bones of a union that holds so much promise. “Can’t hide it any longer,” the singer intones. “My spirit’s falling under/Maybe we should wake up, Mary.” The song ends with a cacophony of sound–the rush of cymbals, the sound of birds cooing, the outdoors watching over the souls of the earth. This is a grand musical achievement–just one example of the treasures awaiting you when Crayons and Angels is released. (Connect with Brandon Schott on his Facebook page by clicking here.)

jangle band picksImmediately following Brandon’s “Wake Up, Mary,” we have the worldwide radio premiere of the Jangle Band’s melodic, Byrdsian wonder, “Love You Too.” Following a drum intro echoing the glory of the immortal “Be My Baby,” guitars, organ, bass and drums signal in the instantly memorable, seductive melody in the first verses and middle eight, which leads to the golden chorus, a joyous celebration of everything that captures the fans of melodic pop music. All this and some groovy Beatlesque vocal harmonies at 3:14. Sweet. (Connect with the Jangle Band on their Facebook page by clicking here.)

We’re thrilled to be bringing you these worldwide radio premieres! Enjoy both of these great songs, and look out for more from the artists. The release of Brandon Schott’s Crayons and Angels is imminent; the Jangle Band’s “Love You Too” is slated for release later this year.

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

Week Two. Day One. It’s Another Selection of New Adds to the Pure Pop Radio playlist. Dig in!

Hundreds of newly-added songs are now airing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio, and we’ve only just begun. We’re anxious to tell you all about them, so let’s get right to it, shall we? Week two, day one begins…now!

Peter Lacey's Last LeafPeter Lacey – Last Leaf. Lacey’s latest, a song cycle that harkens back to the singer-songwriter’s folk roots, is a tremendous collection and without question one of the best albums released by any artist so far this year. Many miles away from the beach, Last Leaf plays its hand in the circles of everyday, country life: on patches of grass surrounded by sprouting trees, and by the water, on a calmly-stated lake. Lacey’s new songs are about the simpler, and more important, things in life; every element of this album is calm and soothing and powerful. Recorded with precision and heart, songs such as the beautiful “The Woodwind” and the astonishing instrumental “Seven Hills to Hangleton,” which paces itself carefully until a fiddle infused, percussive attack ends the song cold, are acoustic keepers. In addition to these two songs, we’ve added “Right as Rain,” “Harvest Moon,” “Fisherman,” “He is Sleeping,” and “Boy in the Rings of a Tree,” a particular favorite. We are proud to be featuring Lacey’s new songs that enter as a blessed whisper and move on in the manner of a sprite granting wishes to deserving souls. Best of the year material for sure.

The Tangerines' Turn on the LightThe Tangerines – Turn on the Light. An album packed with equal measures of delight and magic, Turn on the Light delights with no less than 16 catchy songs and as many merry melodies, all crafted with care and songwriting prowess. The Tangerines have put together a spirited group of songs laced with chiming guitars that practically demands repeat play. Honestly, we loved this album so much that we were happy to add all of its songs to the Pure Pop Radio playlist. The rundown: “Turn on the Light,” “It’s Alright,” “Once in a Lifetime,” “Girls’ Girls’ World,” “Sitting in the Greenhouse,” “She,” “She’s so Fluffy,” “Everyday a Drama,” “How Does it Feel,” “Don’t Get Lonely,” “Waiting at Her Door,” “Late,” “Heartbeat,” “Up the Country,” “Love You Still,” and “All Through the Years.” This is the Tangerines’ White Album and, not surprisingly, an instant classic. A whole lot of fun awaits you.

Identical SunsIdentical Suns – “Show Me a Sign” and “Common Ground.” We’ve added two more songs from Identical Suns, a band to watch and grow with. “Show Me a Sign” is a soulful number, kicking off with single voice and electric piano, adding harmonies, bass, drums and expressive electric guitar. “Common Ground” is an upbeat, harmony-rich summer song that features out-of-this-world background vocals from the Sonic Executive Sessions’ Christian Phillips. More pearls to come from this spirited group of music makers. We love the Identical Suns.


Also playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio this week, and new to the playlist:

* Cool King Chris – “You Can’t Stop It.” While we wait for the highly-anticipated, brand-new EP from this Pure Pop Radio favorite, who not long ago was featured with producer pal Jamie Hoover on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, we are able to bring you this musical pearl, produced by Jamie. The moral of this song’s story? Once a movement gathers enough steam, you can’t stop it. A timely lyric from a great singer-songwriter, now playing in rotation.

* The Simple Carnival – “The Problem with Friends.” We are longtime fans of the Simple Carnival. We always hope and pray that the Carnival (aka Pennsylvania’s own Jeff Boller, a most creative fellow) will record a new album of wonderful songs, but Jeff’s attention has lately been on creating 3D moving pictures. We’re happy as can be to be able to share this wonderful song, an easygoing, Bacharach-David-esque tune that even mentions 3D in its lyrics. We’re interested in anything Jeff does, so we hope for more at some point in time. Meanwhile, enjoy “The Problem with Friends.”

* Marc Platt – “I Can’t Hide”, “What a Life” and “Selling Crazy.” This top talent continues to write and record top-flight songs. We’ve got three of them for you: “I Can’t Hide” is a Byrdsian kind of tune, “What a Life” sounds like it was plucked from somewhere around 1966, and “Selling Crazy”? Yeah, about 1966 or so, too. Great stuff, now spinning in rotation on Pure Pop Radio. More to come, soon.

* Lauren O’Hara – Sol. We’ve got two songs from this intriguing EP now playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio: “No Remission,” a spirited, lovely acoustic song, topped off with a wonderful violin part; and a meaty tune, “Sunday Sun,” powered by our friend Joe Algeri’s drums, bass and organ. Joe also mixed this song and mastered the entire EP. Lauren O’Hara is definitely a talent to follow.

That’s it for today. More tomorrow, of course, and through this second week of our exclusive melodic pop songs explosion. Ka-boom, indeed!


Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes