More New Music Debuts! Join Us for Top of the Pops Thursday!

You say you want more new music added to the Pure Pop Radio playlist? We’re only too happy to accommodate! Let’s get right to it, shall we? Here are more of the new songs and artists that are now shaking the walls in rotation here at our sumptuous broadcasting headquarters:

michael-carpenterMichael Carpenter | “The Only One” Longtime Pure Pop Radio top fave Michael Carpenter returns with an instant classic track, a taster for his upcoming long player that may drop as early as May. It’s a great song–a great performance–that kicks in with a sumptuous Rolling Stones rocking vibe and settles into a typically catchy pop groove with great background vocal harmonies, a killer melody, and joy to spare. This is one you won’t want to miss; it’s now playing in rotation for you to enjoy, and enjoy it you most certainly will.

the-windThe Wind | Re-Wind We love it when old favorites come together again and make more beautiful music. For their first album in three decades, Lane Steinberg, Steven Katz, and Steve Burdick have teamed up with pop maestro David Grahame, who co-produced and mixed, for an album featuring the much-loved band’s unique blend of pop goodness. From the easy sixties soul pop of “Baby, I Can Take a Punch” and the Buddy Holly-meets-modern pure pop vibe of “Fight Like a Girl” to the breathless piano-led pop of “Weak Spot” and the straight-ahead melodic joys of the mid-tempo ballad “Yes and No,” Re-Wind is a major triumph and one heck of a kick-start to the year. We’ve added all of the aforementioned numbers, plus “Can’t Find the Words,” “Just Play Along,” “Let Me Show You How It’s Done,” “There’s a Clamoring,” “Think On Your Feet,” and “Unattainable.” Glorious.

graham-alexander-repeat-deceiver-coverGraham Alexander | Repeat Deceiver We’ve already reviewed this phenomenal album (read that here), so anything we add will just drive the point home with more fervor. Well, okay…why not? As we wrote, “(Graham Alexander has) upped his game considerably for a powerful pop and roll tour de force that dazzles every step of the way.” Enough said. We’ve added eight tunes to the Pure Pop Radio playlist: the title song, “Romeo Blue,” “Games,” “Two Ships Passing in the Night,” “Third Wheel,” “People are Only Sorry When They’re Caught,” “Total Cartography,” and “Wait in the Rain.” A great album through and through, and proof that this is an artist that will continue to deliver the goods for many years to come.

mothboxer-2Mothboxer | We’re All Out of Our Minds EP It seems like kind of just yesterday that we proclaimed Mothboxer’s Sand and the Rain to be one of our favorite albums of 2014 (it was this past November 18 to be exact; read our review here). Hot on the heels of that momentous record comes this EP, featuring perhaps our favorite song on Sand, “We’re All Out of Our Minds.” Three new recordings make their debut here, and we’re spinning them all because, well, they’re great and chief ‘boxer Dave Ody is making every note count these days and, well, we think they’re pretty great. Now spinning in rotation are “One Day at a Time,” “I’m Working” (featuring Finchey, Ody’s wonderful side project), and “Laughing Out Loud. Classics all, of course.

jay-stansfieldJay Stansfield | Birth and Death Pure Pop Radio favorite Jay Stansfield’s latest album is another typically adventurous collection of songs concerned with the human condition. Delivered with Jay’s usual attention to classic song construction, these songs are valuable additions to a growing and vital catalog. We’ve added three songs to the Pure Pop Radio playlist: the gorgeous “Sex on My Mind,” with its welcome Pink Floyd overtones; the relaxed, poppy vibe of “Superman Thief,” with its McCartney-esque up-and-down bass line; and “The Sadness,” a folky, hymn-like, emotional wonder. Welcome back, Jay.

the-martinetsThe Martinets | Rock and Roll Will Probably Never Die There is probably no probably about it, but these guys have their eye on the prize, so we think it’s all going to be good. Nestled somewhere between Rolling Stones swagger and sixties pop, the Martinets load up the guitar buzz with melody-infused attacks on the senses. Perfect for practicing air guitar, for sure. We’ve added five songs: “Good Friends For,” “I Know Where I’m Going,” “Good Times to Come,” “Places You Go,” and “If We’re Going Down.” Rock and pop and roll…one of our favorite combinations.

little-boy-jrLittle Boy Jr | Here’s Your Hat, What’s Your Hurry? and “Tell Me” Thanks to old friend Francesc Sole for the tip on this wonderful pop band from Chicago, who write and perform catchy songs that demand repeat listens. These guys, with a little 1950s flash and a decidedly sixties-ish approach, know how to write a sturdy hook, and they know how to deliver them to your ears. We’ve added seven tasty tracks from their latest album, released last February: “Perhaps, Annie,” “Full of Lies,” “Don’t Forget,” “Let Me Bleed,” “Mine,” “Dead Radio,” and “Blame.” We’ve also added one track from the band’s 2012 single, the energetic pop number, “Tell Me.” Both the album and single are free downloads on Bandcamp. Head right over and get ’em.

the-lsb-experience-flashbacksThe LSB Experience | Flashbacks Just over a month ago, we added tracks from this Netherlands trio’s wonderful album, The Experience. At the beginning of this past December, we wrote that “Fans of exquisite vocal harmony matched with genuinely catchy songs will embrace the LSB Experience with a great big hug of love.” We stand by that assessment, and present a half-dozen examples of how this trio’s approach makes a bunch of well-known songs from other artists their own. You’ll hear the band cover “Helplessly Hoping,” “Shower the People,” “You Can Close Your Eyes,” “Our House,” “You’ve Got a Friend,” and “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” and there won’t be a dry eye in the house. Just gorgeous.

kylie-hughesKylie Hughes | Calipopicana Pop, dipped in a gloriously happy glaze, is the name of the game on this lovingly produced EP, capturing the essence of Southern California pop and answering the musical question: What would the Beach Boys sound like in 2015 if the lead singer was a female? The hooks run deep in these delightful, harmony-drenched songs. There’s some supreme ear candy happening here. We’re playing four of Kylie’s very cool tunes, co-writes with the likes of John “Fin” Finseth of the Tearaways, and Brent Bourgeois from Bourgeois-Tagg: “Calipopicana,” “Short Skirts,” “Dream Dream Dream,” and “Leave ’em Wanting More.” That last song title really says it all: More please, and real soon!

We hope you enjoy the latest adds to the Pure Pop Radio playlist, now playing in rotation. We’ve got lots more coming up next week. Don’t miss a single note!

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

It’s New Tunes Thursday! Just like Two for Tuesday, Only More Musical!

thursdayWe’re back on this fine Thursday afternoon with more adds to the Pure Pop Radio playlist. Much more music is the name of our game. We’ve scoured the Earth for the latest and greatest melodic pop music that would complement the more than 5,600 songs we already have playing in rotation, and we’ve come up with some more great stuff.

So here, without further ado, are the latest adds to the Pure Pop Radio playlist, with more to come almost before you know it:

dc-cardewellDC Cardwell | Pop Art The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist’s first album in four years, following the exquisite Some Hope, is another fine collection of melodic pop songs delivered with inspiration and imagination. We’ve added four wonderful songs in advance of the album’s February 2015 general release: “In the Cloud,” “Don’t Know Why,” “The Sun, the Moon, the Stars,” and “Magic for Everybody.” Lovely melodies and vocals abound, and dig the beat in the gorgeous, McCartney-esque “Magic for Everybody.” 2015 is already getting off to a good start, and 2014 isn’t finished yet!

yorktown-200Yorktown Lads | $200 E.P. On October 21, we added to our playlist seven songs from this band’s debut album, Songs about Girls and Other Disasters. Now, not even two weeks later, we’re adding all four songs from the Lads’ second release–songs which came about after four folks who donated $200 each toward the band’s Kickstarter campaign chose to be gifted, in return, with a song written and recorded for them. One of the songs was written by one of the donators; the other three are Lads originals. All are now spinning in rotation: “Ping Pong,” “Carpet Kit,” “Best Side of Me,” and “Anna Borg.” This band is a real treat.

dannyDanny Medakovic | Jolley Cut This longtime producer and engineer steps out in front of the microphone for a wonderful collection of melodic pop songs, colored with a country brush, that listeners will love. Affecting and soulful, the five songs we’ve added to the playlist will touch your heart: “The Hardest Part,” “Jolley Cut,” “Rewind,” “Crooked Hill,” and “Ode to Bob.” A surprise submission to Pure Pop Radio that really sings.

lunchboxLunchbox | Lunchbox Loves You This is smashingly vibrant melodic pop from a band new to our ears. Charm is the name of the game here; expect to look in the mirror and be greeted with a wide smile. We’ve added six songs to our playlist: “Everybody Knows,” “Tom, What’s Wrong,” “What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You,” “It Feels Good to Lose,” “Another Dance Floor,” and “I Go Mad.” Hooks galore–enough to fill a big ol’ tackle box, as they say.

lsbThe LSB Experience | The Experience Fans of exquisite vocal harmony matched with genuinely catchy songs will embrace the LSB Experience with a great big hug of love. This Netherlands trio is closest in sound to the American west coast vocal band Venice at the same time as they stretch out in different musical directions. From the LSB Experience’s new album, we’ve added eight songs: “I Was Blind,” “Only a Dream,” “The Land of the Living,” “Little Princess,” I Wish I Could Tell You,” “Little Treasure,” “The Cry of Love,” and “This Song.” Quite beautiful and rather essential.

We hope you enjoy today’s list of new adds to our playlist. More new adds coming very soon!

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes