Your Official Pop Tunes Deejay Show Track List is Here!

pop tunes disc smallWe’re continuing to throw a party every Monday night on Alan Haber’s Pop Tunes Deejay Show. Did you hear show seven last night? If you missed it, or want to hear it again, you can listen this Thursday at noon ET (9 am PT) and this Sunday at 3 pm ET (noon PT).

Alan Haber: Proud Music Geek!
Your host, Alan Haber

Here’s what Alan played last night:

Set One: One and Begun
Bay City Rollers | “Saturday Night” from The Definitive Collection

Set Two: Rolling Stones Now!
The Rolling Stones | “I Wanna Be Your Man” from GRRR!
The Rolling Stones | “Get Off of My Cloud” from December’s Children (and Everybody’s)
The Rolling Stones | “Let’s Spend the Night Together” from Between the Buttons
The Connection | “Connection” from the “Crawling from the Wreckage” single)
The Rolling Stones | “Dandelion” from Through the Past, Darkly: Big hits, Vol. 2

Set Three: New at Pure Pop Radio (1)
Michael Ryther | “I Love the Dirt” from Kids of the Earth – Songs for the Green Generation
mylittlebrother | “Steve” from We’re All Gonna Die
The Nines | “Cathy” from Night Surfer and the Cassette Kids
Daniel Wylie’s Cosmic Rough Riders | “I’m Out of My Mind” from Chrome Cassettes

Set Four: You Rock!
Mister Fusty | “I Knew You” from Cloth Ears
Freiheit | “Baby It’s You” (Single)
Ze Malibu Kids | “I Won’t Forget You” from Sound It Out
Carl Wayne and the Vikings | “You Could Be Fun (At the End of a Party)” from Ripples, Vol. 4
Rick Nelson | “You are the Only One” from Million Sellers

Set Five: New at Pure Pop Radio (2)
Strangely Alright | “Paint Outside the Lines” (Single)
The Sunchymes | “Time Will Tell” from Present
Nevski | “Alligator” from Nevski
Maxi Dunn | “Operation Bubble” from Operation Bubble

Set Six: Beatle Blast
Wings | “Tomorrow” from Wild Life

Set Seven: One and Done
Nick Lowe | “Cruel to be Kind” from Labor of Lust

There you go…Pop Tunes, show number seven, is in the can. We hope you enjoyed it. You can listen again this coming Thursday, September 24 at noon ET (9 am PT) and Sunday at 3 pm ET (noon PT). We’re taking the next couple of weeks off–the next new Pop Tunes show will air on Monday, October 12. Until then, pop happy!

purepoplogoAlan Haber’s Pop Tunes is a cool deejay show playing the greatest melodic pop music from the ’60s to today. The show airs every Monday night at 9 pm ET (6 pm PT) on Pure Pop Radio, and repeats on Thursday afternoons at noon ET (9 am PT) and Sundays at 3 pm ET (noon PT). Please like us on Facebook by clicking here.

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

Pure Pop Radio’s New Music Explosion Rolls On! It’s Day Number Three, and We’re Still Just Getting Started!

Pure Pop Radio is committed to bringing you the latest and greatest melodic pop music from your favorite recording artists and artists who will quickly become your favorite recording artists. We scour the globe for the coolest sounds around.

This week, and in the weeks to come, we’re adding many hundreds of new songs to the Pure Pop Radio playlist. We’ve already told you about a good number of songs and artist’s we’ve introduced to our airwaves. Here’s a bunch more:

Brandon Schott | Verdugo Parkbrandon-verdugo-park-cover Brandon Schott’s latest taster for his upcoming album, provisionally titled Crayons and Angels, is a phenomenal three-song collection featuring two songs that will be unavailable elsewhere. That alone is reason enough to jump on this masterful creation. These two tracks–a lightly-psychedelic instrumental called “Lapiz Lazuli” that takes its inspiration from the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” and runs wild with it; and a delightful cover of Robert and Richard Sherman’s lovely 1962 soundtrack song, “Castaway”–are classics in their own right. But the main draw here is the title cut, a delectable mix of Brian Wilson and Harry Nilsson-esque melody and inspiration that is beyond the heights that inspiration usually takes you. We’re playing all three of these songs in rotation. We can’t wait for you to hear them.

Dave Caruso's Cardboard Vegas RoundaboutDave Caruso (Part One) | Cardboard Vegas Roundabout We raved about Dave’s miracle of an album a few weeks ago, and rightly so: it’s one of the best releases of this or any year. This is what you get when a talented multi-instrumentalist puts pen to paper and crafts songs that not only pay homage to his musical heroes but also incorporate his own, unique way of drawing out a melody and topping it off with words that tell a commanding story. From the Beach Boys homage (also sporting a dash of Carpenters spice), “Champion,” to the astounding, tight harmony singing that kicks off and populates the beautiful “I’ve Tried to Write You,” this is an album that, as Paul McCartney once sang, is warm and beautiful. We’re playing five songs in rotation on Pure Pop Radio: the aforementioned “Champion” and “I’ve Tried to Write You,” “The Art of Erica,” “It’s a Great Day for the Angels,” and “Shelter.”Dave Caruso's Elizabeth Parker EP

Dave Caruso (Part Two) | Elizabeth Parker Before releasing Cardboard Vegas Roundabout, Dave recorded an EP that is just as captivating. We’re playing four songs in rotation: the title track, “I Can’t Be On Time,” “If I Died Today,” and “Letter to My Ex.” A double dose of Dave Caruso will do you good!

swan-diveSwan Dive | Soundtrack to Me and You The art of song that sweeps you off your feet with marvelous melody and peerless songwriting is practiced on Swan Dive’s 10th album, Soundtrack to Me and You. Molly Felder’s sent-from-heaven-above vocals bring Bill DeMain’s wonderful songs (co-written with Kelly Jones and Mike Viola, amongst others) to life, and what a great life it is. From the Buddy Holly-meets-Everly Brothers vibe of “Good Things” to the breezy, free and easy mid-tempo ballad “Sweet Summer Fling,” this is as good as pop music gets. We love this album so much that we’ve added all of the songs to the Pure Pop Radio playlist: “Sweet Summer Fling,” “Flipside of Loving You,” “Soundtrack to Me and You,” “Star Crossed Lover,” “Missing,” “I Can See What’s Coming,” “Brief Interlude,” “Slim Willie Dunn and the Gin Bottle Four,” “Wrong Number” and “Good Things.” Wonderful stuff.

andy-reed-oddities-and-entitiesAndy Reed | Oddities and Entities Much-loved musician, producer and engineer Andy Reed, who moonlights as one-third of the much-loved band the Legal Matters and records under the band name An American Underdog, has a long history as a maker of fine records. This history is reflected in the grooves of this enticing, catchall collection of 22 previously-released and unreleased gems. From the pure pop pleasures of “Smile, Look and Listen” and “The Ballad of…” to the gorgeous, beautifully sung and played “Crazy Things,” there’s no end to the pleasures on offer. We’re happily playing the aforementioned songs, plus “Make Up Your Mind,” “Always on the Run,” “Summertime,” “The Criminal,” “Novacaine,” “Your Reign is Over,” “Extraordinary Boy” and “Beautiful Dreamer,” in rotation.

lisa-mychols-3Lisa Mychols 3 | Lisa Mychols 3 Resting comfortably somewhere between the sound of her last record, Above, Beyond and In Between, and, say, an early Who album, Lisa Mychols 3 blasts a half-dozen sweaty workouts in just over 17 power-punched minutes. As is always the case with Lisa, melody is king, but so too are the ace riffs and killer guitar work. We’re playing the entire EP in rotation: “Back to the Truth,” “Bruce Foxton,” “Ready for Action,” “Right on Time,” “Story in Your Mind,” and “The Fool.” This collection will not be denied!

party-boatParty Boat | “Little Fish” and “Don’t Stress” Charming, melodic pop music is a big part of Pure Pop Radio’s broadcast day. We’re proud to bring you these two songs from the four-piece band Party Boat. With echoes of sixties and seventies song conventions, and a strong sense of melody, these guys are a collective to watch.

pat-walshPat Walsh | Three Ukelele Songs Pat Walsh is a longtime favorite of Pure Pop Radio. We eagerly wait for and play something from just about everything he records. When we found out that Pat had waxed some songs based around one of our favorite instruments, the ukelele, we did that dance that one does when one is deliriously happy. We’ve got three uke tunes playing in rotation that Pat recorded with the help of his co-producer and musical cohort, Billy Gewin: “Blackberry Morning,” “Right Time,” and “Someone’s Waiting.” We’re on Team Pat and we’re working along with his other fans to make him a household name. Join us, won’t you?

sunchymesThe Sunchymes | Through My Eyes Recording as the Sunchymes, Aaron Hemmington’s music is, according to his Facebook page, a “summery fusion of power pop and psychedelia.” We concur, and we bring you a pair of recent tracks to hear in rotation: the “Summer 2014 mix” of “Through My Eyes,” and a cool version of the Beatles classic, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” Wonderful!

ali-ingleAli Ingle | The Good for Nothing Demos We’ve been following this young British singer-songwriter for some time, and we like what we hear. Here are four demos that point to even bigger, melodic work to come: “First Punch,” “Paris,” “Leaving Home,” and “Sit this One Out.” This lovely quartet of tunes can be downloaded for free on Ali’s Soundcloud page.

So that’s day three of Pure Pop Radio’s New Music Explosion. We’ve got so much more new music to report to you–stay tuned to the Pure Pop Radio website and, of course, Pure Pop Radio for much, much more. Happy listening!

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

Here We Go Again! It’s Day Three of the Pure Pop Radio Melodic Pop Songs Explosion! Sing Along with Us!

We have all kinds of fun here at Pure Pop Radio headquarters. Each and every day, we listen to melodic pop music from the faraway past, from the recent past, and from the here and now. We listen to all kinds of melodic pop music: straight-ahead pop, power pop, psychedelic pop, folk-pop, heritage pop and pop that defies categorization–pop that takes left hand turns and uses surprise as an instrument all its own. It’s all fair game. Then, we add the best of the best of what we’ve heard to the playlist and hope you’ll like what you hear. We have so much fun that we think there should be an eighth day in a week. We could call it Funday!

During this exciting two-week event, we’re adding more great melodic pop music every day. Here are the artists and songs that are in the spotlight on day three:

Terry Draper's When the World Was YoungTerry Draper – When the World Was Young. Back when we were young(er), we were totally immersed in the whole “Who or What is Klaatu” thing. Except: We never bought into the “Klaatu is the Beatles in Super-Secret-Disguise” bit. But, even so, we followed the “clues” and tried to make a case for the Beatles recording under assumed names for whatever possible reason. In the end, we enjoyed Klaatu’s music for what it was and continues to be: great, beautifully realized pop music. We marvel at the continued output of two of Klaatu’s own, Terry Draper and Dee Long. Today, Terry is in the spotlight with a wonderful collection of joyous songs that come from the heart and put a big smile on listeners’ faces. From the current single–actually, a lively bonus track cover of the old Crispian St. Peters tune, “The Pied Piper”–to great songs like “(I’m So Happy to be) Alive,” “If I Could Dance,” “Sail Around the World,” “To Whom it May Concern,” “The Tea Horse Road,” and “Carry On,” this is an album that makes you believe in the art of crafting beautiful melodies and bringing them to life. All of these songs are now spinning in rotation on Pure Pop Radio. Here’s hoping that Terry continues to write timeless songs that lift the world’s spirits, just as these have.

Phonograph Vol. 1Phonograph – Phonograph Vol. 1. Every once and awhile, we come upon a surprise, like one of those left hand turns in songs that we’ve spoken about, except there are no left hand turns on this tremendous, oh-so-wonderful album that knows how to make it count–the “it” being that thing that sets your musical pleasure center on fire simply by rolling out catchy melodies, hooky choruses, and, ultimately, solid, you-can’t forget-’em songs. Remember the names Paul Campbell and Terence O’Mahony. They’re the architects of Phonograph’s sound, which is what sixties and seventies music would sound like if it were being written and played today. It’s interesting to note that these songs were recorded in 2001 but not released until this year. We’ve added eight solid numbers to the playlist: “She Knows It,” “Hangin’ Round,” “Waiting for the Sun,” “Don’t You Bring Me Down,” “Losing My Nerve,” “California,” “Passion,” and “Fading into You.” Music like this takes you to new heights. Welcome Phonograph into your lives.

David Myhr's Record Collection EPDavid Myhr – Record Collection EP. David Myhr’s way with a pop song is unparalleled. He continues to craft marvelous melodies that take listeners to places they’ve not often visited–places where wonderful pop songs are played 24 hours a day, lighting the light that lights the world. The great song “Record Collection” first appeared as a bonus track on the Japanese edition of David’s album Soundshine. When we first heard “Record Collection,” we wondered why it wasn’t included in the album. Thankfully, David has built a superb EP around that song, a tremendously catchy confection that is undeniably out of this world. We’ve been playing “Record Collection” since its bonus track days, and now we’ve added three more songs that appear on this must-have EP: “You Stole My Heart Away,” “Never Mine” (an incredible version of the Soundshine song, recorded at Abbey Road), and “Boom Boom Beat.” One of our favorite playlist adds in our current push.

Here are some more adds to the playlist that have happened in the past few days:

* The Sunchymes – “Mr. Buckstone.” We’re always happy to welcome the Sunchymes into the world of Pure Pop Radio. This joyous song, sporting a mellifluous melody and great harmonies, is a single now available on Bandcamp. Snap it up and sing along!

* Elijah Aaron – Perfect Little Home. Although we know almost nothing about this amazing performer, what we do know will suffice until the information machine gets truly revved up. Elijah Aaron, whose vocal style is sorta-kinda like Cat Stevens’, is blessed with a pleasing delivery and songwriting prowess that practically guarantees a long musical life. We’ve added three wonderful songs from this great album, available for a pay-what-you-want amount at his website: “Let It Know You,” “Love You So,” and “Older.” We’ll be keeping an ear on this guy, for sure.

* Paul Gagner – Lost Minnesota Classics, Vol. 1. One of our favorite singer-songwriters, Scott Gagner, whose tunes have been playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio for a while, has an uncle who just happens to be a talented performer in his own right. In fact, Scott’s Uncle Paul was signed to Capitol Records back in the day, performed on American Bandstand, and played throughout Minnesota back in the seventies with major acts like Frank Zappa and Joe Cocker.   Last year, Scott put together a band and knocked out an EP for his uncle in a magical six hour session. We’re playing two songs: “Lonely Girl” and a Traveling Wilburys cover, “You Took My Breath Away.” Soulful pop rock music for you, then, very well done.

* Frank Bango – “The Boy Who Jumped in the Air.” Fugitive Girls, just one of Frank Bango’s great albums, was recently re-released by the great label Futureman. Two bonus tracks were added to the album proper, including this very catchy demo that really warmed our collective hearts. A very cool song by one of pop’s most treasured talents.

* John Paul Keith – Memphis Circa 3 am. Here’s another one of those surprises we were talking about earlier, a kind of hybrid artist who has roots in country and pop music. “Everything’s Different Now” sounds like a song that Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison should have collaborated on. “True Hard Money” is a rock ‘n’ roll, be-bop-a lula romp with vocals bathed in appropriate echo and slammin’ piano and electric guitar parts that really show how it’s done. And “Last Night I Had a Dream about You” is an early rock ‘n’ roll slice of pop ‘n’ roll that pays tribute to Orbison’s vocal delivery. All three of these songs are now playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio. Slammin’, indeed!

* Songs from Twilley Won’t Mind. We’re really digging the three songs we’ve got from the new Zero Hour records tribute to the great Dwight Twilley, and now we’re bringing them to you: “You Were So Warm,” as done by Beekler; “Twilley Don’t Mind,” as recorded by Esa Linna and Neverheard; and “Here She Come,” as interpreted in grand fashion by the great Michael Carpenter. More to come, you’d better you bet.

* Colin Heppell – Songs from Adam’s Room. Colin Heppell was new to us, but we’re happy to make his music’s acquaintance. We’ve added three very cool pop-rock numbers to the Pure Pop Radio playlist: “Liar,” “Sail Away,” and “This World.”

That’ll do it for today. Set sail for Pure Pop Radio to hear these and hundreds of other new adds to the playlist. Listening links are handily presented below. Until tomorrow!


Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes