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New on Pure Pop Radio 7.27.16

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Spins and Reviews | 7.27.16 | by Alan Haber

Tops of the pops today, tomorrow and beyond…

cotton mather - death of the cool coverCotton Mather | Death of the Cool
Putting pen to paper with the purpose of writing and recording a song for each of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, Robert Harrison quickly found himself knee-deep in the process of bringing his band Cotton Mather back to life. The first of four projected albums collecting these songs, Death of the Cool is a powerhouse release, as good or better than the classic Kontiki, which was reissued in a deluxe edition in 2012. The jaunty mid-tempo “Candy Lilac,” lovely ballad “The Land of Flowers,” and the poised-to-be-a-hit-at-radio catchy pop song “Child Bride” are prime Cotton Mather and only three reasons to dig into this classic band again.
black box Now playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio: “The Middle of Nowhere,” “Candy Lilac,” “The Land of Flowers,” “Never Be It,” “Queen of Swords,” “Child Bride,” and “The End of DeWitt Finley.”

look parkLook Park | Look Park
Chris Collingwood, endeavoring to write songs as far away from Fountains of Wayne as can be, winds up writing songs that, for the most part, could have found their way onto just about any Fountains of Wayne album–at least that’s the way I hear them. Named after the Frank Newhall Look Memorial Park, an actual municipal park in Northampton, Massachusetts, Look Park is a sturdy vehicle for Collingwood’s wonderful songs, from the sweet-sounding, upbeat “Shout Part 1″ to”I’m Gonna Haunt this Place,” a lovely waltz (with an eventual military snare pattern taking hold). The singer’s uniquely-sweet vocals are as attractive as ever.
black box Now playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio: “Shout Part 1,” “Breezy,” “Aeroplane,” “You Can Come Round If You Want To,” “I’m Gonna Haunt this Place,” and “Save Yourself.”

richard barone and john sebastianRichard Barone featuring John Sebastian | “Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?”
A spirited, joyous take on John Sebastian’s classic song from the Lovin’ Spoonful’s Do You Believe in Magic album, this single, a taster for Richard’s long-awaited, forthcoming Sorrows and Promises: Greenwich Village in the 1960s, features, in addition to Richard on lead vocal and acoustic guitar, Sebastian on autoharps, harmonica and voice, the Smithereens’ Dennis Diken on drums, and Steve Addabbo on electric guitar. Beautifully done.
black box Now playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio.

seth timbs line of demarcationSeth Timbs | “Line of Demarcation”
A song that won’t fit snugly into the album he’s currently working on, “Line of Demarcation” finds Seth Timbs singing about the tussle between people who just can’t get along. This is becoming our life in 2016, in this fractured political year. Seth has said that the song is “about long distance telepathy and the sweeping consequences of papal decree,” which is probably more to the point, but still…I can posit a supposition, can’t I? Seth plays everything on this wonderful, folky track (his vocal is smooth and sure)–kind of a contemporary number with a folky ’60s heart, and a big favorite around these parts.
black box Now playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio.

mark bacino not that guyMark Bacino | “Not that Guy”
Just released, “Not that Guy” charts the course of someone who wants to be invested in his relationship but finds himself relegated to persona non grata status. This toe-tappingly perky, happy sounding , and catchy-as-catchy-can-be song is nothing less than the marriage of perfect melodic pop music and a lyric that puts a musical spin on a familiar emotional situation. It’s prime Bacino, and the first of many more new songs to come. Essential.
black box Now playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio.

corey landis and the attacksCorey Landis and the Attacks | Corey Landis and the Attacks
This is the kind of amazing record that, played at full volume for the love of everything that is holy, wakes up the neighbors in the middle of the night but doesn’t piss them off; they wind up inviting themselves over for tea and cookies just as dawn is breaking. Because they have to hear every song again, so infectious is this vibrant collection of 12 floor shaking, ivory keys busting, blood pressure rising slabs of pure piano pop. This Ben Folds Five-meets-Elton John-meets-Jerry Lee Lewis platter takes no prisoners: Landis digs into the keyboard with wild abandon on the pumping “Accident,” strolls with purpose on the mid-tempo, horn-laden “Hard Reaction to Love,” and makes things happen on the amazing tour de force-with-strings “Dress for the Weather.” Co-produced by Landis and Beatles veteran Geoff Emerick, who also engineered and mixed, this is a wild ride you’ll want to take over and over again.
black box Now playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio: “Accident,” “Hard Reaction to Love,” “See You Next Tuesday,” “Loose Ends,” “White Elephant,” “The Ballad of Mikey Stone,” “Dress for the Weather,” and “I Love You (But You’re Crazy).”

More tomorrow.

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