Pure Pop Radio’s New Music Bowl Starts Next Tuesday, September 13


Pure Pop Radio’s New Music Bowl, a celebration of the latest songs and artists added to our ever-growing playlist, kicks off next Tuesday, September 13, at 6 am ET. The event concludes next Thursday, September 15, at 11 pm ET.

We’ve added hundreds of songs and new artists to our 24-hour rotation, and we want you to hear them all. You won’t want to miss the latest sounds being crafted by melodic pop music’s brightest lights (you’ll hear, for example, tracks from the Beatles’ Live at the Hollywood Bowl CD).

Why not visit our Facebook event page and tell us you’ll be joining us next week for this exciting event? Click here to be magically transported.

See you on the radio beginning at 6 am ET next Tuesday, September 13 for Pure Pop Radio’s New Music Bowl!

alanhaberspurepopradiographiclarge1-wp header

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