Pure Pop Radio is Spinning a Tale of Catchy Melodic Pop. Tune In and Sing Along!

By Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio

Have you tuned in to Pure Pop Radio to hear the catchy mix of melodic wonders being sung by melodic pop’s brightest stars? Good! We’re glad to have you along on our radio-riffic journey.

More of the greatest melodic pop in the universe is being added to Pure Pop Radio’s mix every day. Since last Tuesday, when we returned to the airwaves after a long layoff, refreshed and invigorated and full of joyous optimism, we have added a considerable number of new and new-to-you tracks that your ears will no doubt have been craving.


Winterpills‘ catchy new single, “Golden Waves”; tracks from John Howard’s classic-sounding new album, To the Left of the Moon’s Reflection, a thinking person’s lineup of lovely, melodic songs (it has just been announced that Kool Kat Musik will be releasing this long-player on CD); songs from two brand-new albums from the Explorers Club, one sporting brand-new, harmony-rich numbers, and the other reaching into pop music’s history for covers of classic recordings by the Turtles and Paul Revere and the Raiders, among other bright lights.

And Pure Pop Radio favorites from the past, such as Nelson Bragg’s “What She’s Done to Him,” from Nelson’s 2012 classic album; Oberon Rose’s “Wunjo,” the title song from the group’s same-named 2012 long-player; and a quartet of catchy songs from Poppermost, circa 2015, including the wonderfully-named “Patti’s Record World.”


And there is more…much more, in fact, such as new songs from Pop 4’s Kirk Adams, Caper Clowns, and MISSYFIT, Pure Pop Radio Hall of Famer Roger Klug’s latest project, which recasts Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Who Has Seen the Rain” as a Phil Spector production sung by Mia Gentile in a decidedly warm Ronettes kind of way.

You might expect there to be even more where all of the above came from, and you would be right. Pure Pop Radio is your 24-hour-a-day source for the greatest melodic pop music in the universe. Tune in by clicking on the player below (check out the last few songs played, and don’t forget to save the player to your desktop or tablet).

Thanks for listening. Your next favorite song, or one of your current favorites, is now playing…on Pure Pop Radio!

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Pure Pop Radio brings the greatest melodic pop music in the universe to your waiting ears, 24 hours a day.

Pure Pop Radio Is Back!

By Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio

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Pure Pop Radio, your premiere, 24-hour-a-day Internet radio source for the greatest melodic pop music in the universe from across the decades, is back on the air!

pure pop radio radio

alan headshot from school
Alan Haber, your host and programmer

After 10 months of inactivity, Pure Pop Radio has reemerged as a full-fledged 24-hour-a-day Internet radio station blasting the latest new and new-to-you melodic pop music to waiting ears. Our new streaming home is Live365, Internet radio’s new home for smart, enjoyable programming.

Pure Pop Radio began in 1995 as a weekly show on Northern Virginia’s cable radio station WEBR. From the start, the show’s mix of independent and commercial artists thrilled listeners worldwide with catchy sounds that couldn’t be so easily found on the air. When the show became a 24-hour Internet radio station in 2012, the mission was the same and continued as such through the end of July 2017, when the station went dark due to circumstances beyond our control.

Now that those circumstances are no longer an issue, Pure Pop Radio is back and bigger and brighter and full of more melody and hooks than ever before. Our sound is the same as it always has been: a vibrant mix of your favorite and new-to-you melodic pop artists from both the indie and commercial sectors of the world of music.

the weeklings paperback writer
The Weeklings

michael carpenter may 2018
Michael Carpenter

On our air, indie artists such as Lannie Flowers, Rob Bonfiglio, The Weeklings, Caper Clowns, Anton Barbeau, Linus of Hollywood, Gretchen’s Wheel, Dana Countryman, Ken Sharp, David Myhr, Dave Caruso, Seth Timbs, Michael Carpenter, Nick Piunti, Dropkick, Tommy Lorente and Scot Sax rub elbows with the likes of Gilbert O’Sullivan, the Posies, Harpers Bizarre, the Spongetones, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Klaatu, NRBQ, Matthew Sweet, the Electric Light Orchestra, Sagittarius, Graham Gouldman, 10cc, Buddy Holly, the Four Seasons, First Class, Stephen Bishop, the Association, the Everly Brothers, the Beach Boys, and a little group from Liverpool, England called the Beatles. Pure Pop Radio offers the ultimate mix of catchy melodic pop music for your listening, dancing and romancing pleasure, 365 days a year.

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pop tunes disc smallWe can also be found at our other longstanding Internet home, Pop that Goes Crunch Radio. There, you will continue to exclusively hear both of our long-running specialty shows: Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, the Internet’s premiere melodic pop music talk show (Wednesdays, 9 pm ET) that brings your favorite artists to the microphones to talk about their records and careers, and Alan Haber’s Pop Tunes Deejay Show (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8 pm ET), a twice-weekly, hour-long mix of new and new-to-you releases. And, let us not forget, my snappy deejay patter!

ppr logo breaking out of paperPure Pop Radio, your premiere 24-hour-a-day source on the Internet for the greatest melodic pop music from across the decades, has returned to the airwaves, pumping into your favorite Internet radio receptacles the catchiest sounds around. We’re thrilled to be back!

Don’t miss a minute!


ppr radio purple background - insetListen to Pure Pop Radio by clicking on the Live365 Listen Now button at left. We’re spinning the greatest melodic pop music in the universe from across the decades, 24-hours a day. Join us, won’t you? You’ll be glad you did!