Sun, Surf, Sand, Weird and Wonderful, and Big-Beat Fun Power This Week’s Specialty Show Lineup

mic-small 10A fun mix of sun, sand, weird and wonderful, and big-beat blasts power this week’s lineup of Pure Pop Radio specialty shows.

everylittlethinglogo-smallWe kick off the excitement tonight at 8 pm ET with an all-new episode of Ken Michaels’ Every Little Thing. On this week’s show, Ken talks to Jude Kessler, author of a series of books, written as historical narratives, covering the life of John Lennon. In addition, a theme set of songs with the word road in the title, a variety of top Beatles and solo Beatles tracks, and a cover of “You’ve Got to Hide your Love Away” by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder are played.

waveTonight at 9 pm ET, Jammin’ James Riley negotiates the sun-drenched waves for another set of fabulous summer sounds on Catching a Wave. You’ll dig a set of Beach Boys numbers, a pair of classic tracks from Glen Campbell, and tunes from the Rivingtons, Santo and Johnny, Surfer Joe, Duane Eddy, and many more of your favorites.

ww-logo-longScott McPherson’s got your midweek lunchtime festival of pure pop sounds to go along with your soup and sandwich combo on the latest get-together known as The Weird and the Wonderful. This Wednesday, October 26 at 1 pm ET, heritage sounds from Florapop and Klaatu mix with tracks from Eric Barao, Prefab Sprout, Frank Bango, Nilsson, Pop 4 and lots more. Plus: Scott remembers back to his first show, on which “Sammy Davis, Jr.” made a memorable visit…

the-beatles-things-we-said-todayComing up this Thursday at 8 pm ET on Things We Said Today, Ken Michaels, Steve Marinucci, Al Sussman, and Allan Kozinn gather around the Beatles roundtable for a fun discussion with Lefty and Zeek Weekling, aka Glen Burtnik and Bob Burger, respectively, from the fabulous Weeklings. Lefty and Zeek speak with our panel about the Weeklings’ new album, Studio 2, which is full of  big-beat fun and releases on November 18. (We’re all about the Weeklings here at Pure Pop Radio; this is the second interview with Lefty and Zeek that we’ve aired; Alan Haber’s chat with the boys on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation ran on October 18.)

Gather ’round your Internet radio receptacle for this week’s specialty shows. Pure Pop Radio is the place to be this week!

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It’s Summertime All Year Long on Jammin’ James Riley’s Catching a Wave; New Specialty Show Debuts August 29 on Pure Pop Radio

by Alan Haber  alan 5 small

summer at the beachLay out the blankets, stack the snacks and cold beverages, and slather on the SPF: It’s summertime all year long when Jammin’ James Riley’s Catching a Wave show is on the air! This fun, brand-new hour-long celebration of the catchiest sounds around will fill the airwaves with sun-drenched joy on Monday nights at 9 pm ET, right after Ken Michaels’ Every Little Thing, on Pure Pop Radio. The first show airs on Monday, August 29.

The lyric line in Brian Wilson’s great song “Catch a Wave”–“Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world”–speaks to the fun in store for listeners as they soak up the sounds that make Catching a Wave so much fun to listen to. Jammin’ James is stoked to get started. He’s waxing up his summer sounds surfboard as I type these words!

jammin james rileyCatching a Wave is the sounds of summer, surf and good-time rock and roll,” says Jammin’ James. “It’s the only place where it’s summer all year long!” What will you hear on the show? “You’ll hear everything from classic bands like the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, Dick Dale and the Ventures to newer acts such as Messer Chups from Russia, the Explorers Club, Los Straitjackets, and all in between. We’ll also have periodic exclusive interview snippets, countdowns, giveaways, games and all kinds of fun (fun, fun)!”

I’m thrilled to be bringing Jammin’ James Riley’s Catching a Wave to Pure Pop Radio beginning Monday, August 29, at 8 pm ET. Jammin’ James, also host of the Rockabilly ‘n’ Blues Radio Hour, is capturing the fun of the super summer sounds, much of which we’re already playing in rotation. James’s unique mix of songs stocked deep with strong melodies, harmony and an infectious sense of fun, fun, fun will fit in well with our other specialty shows: my interview program, Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation; Brian Bringelson’s mix of pop and classic rock, played from vinyl records (Needle Meets Vinyl); the weekly Beatles roundtable discussion, Things We Said Today, and Ken Michaels’ Every Little Thing.

Mark your calendars for Jammin’ James Riley’s Catching a Wave premiering Monday, August 29 at 8 pm ET. Meanwhile, just think about all the fun, fun, fun you’ll be having! It’s summertime all year long on Pure Pop Radio!

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New Music Day at Pure Pop Radio: It’s a Beatles and Beach Boys Spectacular!

purepoplogoToday, we’ve got a very special group of adds to our playlist from Paul McCartney and the Beach Boys, plus Brian Wilson and Dennis Wilson. Since Pure Pop Radio started broadcasting in October 2012, we’ve been slotting in one song every hour from the Beach Boys, and the Beatles and solo Beatles eras.

Hang on to your Rickenbackers and surfboards, ’cause we’ve fattened up the pot for a total of 290 tracks by the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson and Dennis Wilson, and 424 by the Beatles in their group and solo years, including original songs and covers from some of your favorite artists.

Not only that, but we’ve added 16 songs from the awesome soundtrack of the 1970s film, All This and World War II. Let’s run them down, shall we?

all this and world war IIFrom All This and World War II: Ambrosia, “Magical Mystery Tour”; Elton John, “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”; The Bee Gees, “Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight,” “She Came In Through the Bathroom Window,” and “Sun King”; Leo Sayer, “I Am the Walrus,” “Let It Be,” and “The Long and Winding Road”; Roy Wood, “Lovely Rita” and “Polythene Pam”; Jeff Lynne, “With a Little Help from My Friends/Nowhere Man”; The Four Seasons, “We Can Work It Out”; Frankie Valli, “A Day in the Life”; Status Quo, “Getting Better”; Henry Gross, “Help”; and Peter Gabriel, “Strawberry Fields Forever.”

*     *     *     *     *

We’ve piled on a significant number of Paul McCartney classics to air as part of our Beatles and solo Beatles collection:

From Flowers in the Dirt: “My Brave Face,” “We Got Married,” “Put It There,” “This One,” “That Day is Done,” “Motor of Love,” “Back On My Feet,” “Flying to My Home,” and “Loveliest Thing.”

ramFrom Ram: “3 Legs,” “Dear Boy,” “Eat at Home,” “Heart of the Country,” “Long Haired Lady,” “Ram On,” “Smile Away,” “Too Many People,” “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey,” and the single tracks “Another Day” and “Oh Woman, Oh Why.”

From Flaming Pie: “Little Willow,” “Souvenir,” “Young Boy,” “Beautiful Night,” “Calico Skies,” “Flaming Pie,” “Great Day,” and “The World Tonight.”

From McCartney: “Every Night,” “Hot as Sun/Glasses,” “Junk,” “Man We Was Lonely,” “Maybe I’m Amazed,” “Singalong Junk,” “Teddy Boy,”  and “That Would Be Something.”

From McCartney II: “Coming Up,” “Front Parlour,” “Nobody Knows,” “Bogey Music,” “One of these Days,” “Summer’s Day Song,” “Temporary Secretary,” and “Waterfalls.”

From Tug of War: “Ballroom Dancing,” “Here Today,” “Somebody Who Cares,” “Take It Away,” “The Pound is Sinking,” “Tug of War,” and “Wanderlust.”

From Wings’ Back to the Egg: “Baby’s Request,” “Daytime Nighttime Suffering,” “So Glad to See You Here,” and “Again and Again and Again.”

From Wings’ London Town: “I’m Carrying,” “Name and Address,” “Children Children,” “I’ve Had Enough,” “London Town,” and “With a Little Luck.”

venus and marsFrom Wings’ Venus and Mars: “You Gave Me the Answer,” “Call Me Back Again,” “Letting Go,” “Listen to What the Man Said,” “Magneto and Titanium Man,” and “Spirits of Ancient Egypt.”

From Wings’ Wild Life: “Tomorrow,” “I Am Your Singer,” “Some People Never Know,” and “Little Woman Love” and “Mama’s Little Girl.”

*     *     *     *     *

There’s a whole lot more Brian Wilson, Dennis Wilson and Beach Boys music now spinning in rotation on Pure Pop Radio, including:

From Brian Wilson’s Imagination: “Your Imagination,” “Keep an Eye on Summer,” and “Let Him Run Wild.”

love and mercyFrom Brian Wilson’s Love and Mercy CD Single: “One for the Boys” and “He Couldn’t Get His Poor Old Body to Move.”

From Brian Wilson’s “I Just Wasn’t Made for these Times”: “This Whole World,” “Do It Again,” “The Warmth of the Sun,” and “Melt Away.”

From Brian Wilson Presents Smile: “Cabin Essence,” “Good Vibrations,” “Heroes and Villains,” “Surf’s Up,” and “Vega-Tables.”

From Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks’ Orange Crate Art: “Orange Crate Art,” “Sail Away,” “Summer in Monterey,” “Movies is Magic,” and “My Hobo Heart.”

brian wilsonFrom Brian Wilson’s Brian Wilson: “Love and Mercy,” “Walkin’ the Line,” “Melt Away,” “Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long,” “Little Children,” “Let It Shine,” “Meet Me in My Dreams Tonight,” and “Being With the One You Love,” “Let’s Go to Heaven in My Car,” and “Too Much Sugar.”

From Brian Wilson’s Your Imagination CD Single: “Your Imagination (A Cappella)” and “Happy Days.”

From Dennis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue: “River Song,” “What’s Wrong,” “Rainbows,” “Only With You,” and “School Girl.”

beach boys rarities and medleyFrom the Beach Boys’ Rarities/Beach Boys Medley: “Bluebirds Over the Mountain,” “All I Wanna Do,” “Auld Lang Syne,” “Beach Boys Medley (Ballad Version),” “Beach Boys Medley (Single Version),” “Beach Boys Medley (Uptempo Version),” “Cotton Fields,” “Land Ahoy,” “The Letter,” and “With a Little Help from My Friends.”

From the Beach Boys’ Ten Years of Harmony: “California Saga (California),” “It’s a Beautiful Day,” “San Miguel,” “School Day (Ring Ring Goes the Bell),” and “Sea Cruise.”

From the Beach Boys’ Lost and Found 1961-1962: “Barbie (As Kenny and the Cadets),” “Beach Boy Stomp (aka “Karate”),” “Judy (Candix Master),” “Lavender (Demo – 1961),” “Luau (As the Pendletones),” “”Luau (Master Take – B-side of “Surfin’),” “Surfin’ (As the Pendletones),” and “What is a Young Girl Made Of (As Kenny and the Cadets).”

beach boys radioFrom the Beach Boys’ That’s Why God Made the Radio: “Think About the Days,” “That’s Why God Made the Radio,” “Isn’t It  Time,” “Shelter,” “Daybreak Over the Ocean,” “Beaches in Mind,” and “From there to Back Again.”

From the Beach Boys’ In Concert: “California Girls,” “Darlin’,” “Don’t Worry Baby,” “Fun, Fun, Fun,” “Funky Pretty,” “Good Vibrations,” “Help Me, Rhonda,” “Heroes and Villains,” “Marcella,” “Sail On Sailor,” “Sloop John B,” “Surfer Girl,” “Surfin’ USA,” and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.”

From the Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations–Thirty Years of the Beach Boys: “4th of July,” “All Summer Long (Vocals),” “Barbara Ann (45 version),” “Be True to Your School (Live 1964),” “California Girl (Vocals),” “Concert Intro-“Surfin’ USA (Live 1964),” “Concert Promo-Hushabye (Live),” “Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) (45 version),” “Games Two Can Play,” “Good Vibrations (45 version),” “Good Vibrations (Live 1966),” “H.E.L.P. Is On the Way,” “Hang On to Your Ego (Alternate Version),” “Heroes and Villains (Alternate Version),” “Hushabye (Vocals),” “I Just Got My Pay,” “In My Room (Demo),” “It’s Over Now,” “Little Surfer Girl (Demo),” “Our Team,” “Punchline (Instrumental)” “Ruby Baby (Outtake),” and “The Little Girl I Once Knew (45 Version).”

*     *     *     *     *

purepoplogoCount on Pure Pop Radio to always be playing the most Beatles, solo Beatles, Beach Boys, Brian Wilson and Dennis Wilson tracks on Internet radio. We’re your original 24-hour-a-day home for the greatest pop music in the universe from the ’60s to today! We’re fab and we’re surfin’ USA!

Be here tomorrow for the Pure Pop Radio premiere of all of the tracks from a major new release, dropping tomorrow. Til then!

*     *     *     *     *

Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio is the original 24-hour-a-day Internet radio station playing the greatest melodic pop music from the ’60s to today. From the Beatles, the Beach Boys and Bill Lloyd to the Legal Matters, the New Trocaderos and the Ravines, we play the best, melodic tunes anywhere.

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

Timmy Sean Records a Lovely Version of “God Only Knows” for the latest Song of the Week

timmy-sean-song-of-the-weekIt’s not often that we find ourselves unable to come up with a way to frame a particular song or performance, but that’s where we are today, right here and now, as the light shines down from above on a lovely interpretation of Brian Wilson’s immortal song, “God Only Knows”; we know better than to say something when someone else has already figured it out, so the floor is yours, Timmy Sean, as this week’s Song of the Week plays…

“Well, there’s not many people that really deserve the title of ‘legend,’ but Brian Wilson is without a doubt one of those few. I had the supreme pleasure of meeting Brian (truly one of my musical heroes in every sense of the word) this past weekend, and I thought what better way to celebrate than by recording one of his songs. What else can be said about this song that hasn’t been said before. ‘God Only Knows’ is quite possibly the most prolific piece of pop music of all time, one of a select few songs that I believe will be known hundreds of years in the future.

timmy-sean-brian-wilson“I almost feel it to be sacrilege to reinterpret a classic like this, but without even planning to release it for a Song of the Week, I found myself starting to lay down a bunch of ideas for a slightly different arrangement than Brian’s, including some Brian May-inspired guitar work…realizing after the fact that Brian May was just recently involved in an ‘all star’ version of the song himself…well…at least my version of it doesn’t feature One Direction. 😉 Before I knew it I had a completed tune, so here’s one for Brian. It was really great meeting you, man!”

Timmy’s wonderful version of “God Only Knows” brings us to week 16 of the Songs of the Week project. What will Timmy bring next week? Be here and find out!

Add Timmy Sean’s version of “God Only Knows” to your collection by clicking here. To get all of Timmy’s music, click here.

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes