Brett Harris Visits Alan On In Conversation; This Week’s Specialty Shows Pop!

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Before we get rolling today, make a note to visit these pages this coming Wednesday, February 24, when we’ll be making a special announcement about next week’s three-night broadcast celebrating one of our favorite major melodic pop groups. Meanwhile…

Our specialty shows are overflowing with riches this week. Well, that’s the case every week, if we’re being honest…and we are! Plan to be sitting in front of your Internet radio receptacles at 8 pm ET all this week for some great programming.

Printbrett harris 2This week’s all-new edition of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation features Brett Harris, whose new album, Up in the Air, is a fantastic collection of wonderfully realized pop songs. We’ve been playing Brett on Pure Pop Radio for awhile; we’re happy to have him in the interviewee’s seat. Of course, in addition to hearing all about this terrific artist and his new album, you’ll hear three songs that will direct you to purchase Up in the Air when it releases on March 4. (Airs 8 pm ET (5 pm PT) this Tuesday, February 23)

Ken Michaels' Every Little Thing...For the Beatles Fan Who Craves All Things Fab! Airs Every Monday at 9 pm ET on Pure Pop Radio!

Tonight at 8 pm ET (5 pm PT), we present to you another rousing edition of Ken Michaels’ Every Little Thing. On the docket: the usual, inviting varied opening set, with songs from Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison; a track from McCartney’s ballet, Ocean’s Kingdom; and a tribute to Buddy Holly, featuring interpretations of Holly’s songs from the Beatles and the Crickets, among others. (Airs 8 pm ET (5 pm PT) tonight, Monday, February 22)

needle meets vinylThis week’s collective spin on Brian Bringelson’s Needle Meets Vinyl includes music from classic artists such as the Beatles, the Smiths, Barbara Lynn, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, Sam Cooke, and James and Bobby Purify. As usual, it’s all played from vinyl. A treat for the ears! (Airs 8 pm ET (5 pm PT) this Wednesday, February 24)

the-beatles-things-we-said-todayOn Things We Said Today, our Beatles experts consider the legacy of the group and how it will be handled in the future. What will be released as far as new audio and video are concerned? How does streaming audio affect this? Find out as Ken Michaels, Steve Marinucci, Al Sussman and Allan Kozinn consider all the angles. It’s another fascinating discussion you won’t want to miss. (Airs 8 pm ET (5 pm PT) this Thursday, February 25)

everylittlethinglogo-smallEvery Little Thing is the premiere, syndicated program playing Beatles group and solo recordings. Hosted by longtime radio personality Ken Michaels, the show airs a mix of new and archived shows on Monday nights at 8 pm ET on Pure Pop Radio.

Alan Haber: Proud Music Geek!Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, the premiere melodic pop interview program hosted by Alan Haber, airs Tuesday nights at 7 pm ET (4 pm PT) and repeats on Sunday afternoons at 5 pm ET (2 pm PT). Archived, podcast versions of interviews are posted on the In Conversation PodOmatic podcast page; click here to listen to more than 60 shows previously broadcast on Pure Pop Radio.

Nneedle meets vinyleedle Meets Vinyl is the weekly show during which all songs are played from vinyl records. The music spans the decades during which popular music has flourished. Curated and presented by Brian Bringelson, a member of the band Anchor and Bear and a solo artist under the name Paul Starling, the show airs Wednesday nights at 8 pm ET (5 pm PT).

the-beatles-things-we-said-todayThings We Said Today is a weekly survey of all things Beatles that’s hosted by a quartet of Beatles experts–today’s Fab Four, if you will. Ken Michaels, host of Every Little Thing, is joined by Beatlefan Executive Editor Al Sussman, Steve Marinucci (Beatles Examiner), and Allan Kozinn, longtime music critic. Other well-known Beatles experts sometimes sit in with the core group. Things We Said Today airs Thursday nights at 8 pm ET on Pure Pop Radio.

purepoplogoAlan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio is the original 24-hour Internet radio station playing the greatest melodic pop music from the ’60s to today. From the Beatles to the Spongetones, the Nines, Kurt Baker, the Connection and the New Trocaderos, we play the hits and a whole lot more. Tune in by clicking on one of the listen links below.

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

More New Music? Why, We’ve Got Some of that!

Alan Haber's Pure Pop RadioFurther on from yesterday’s list of new songs and artists recently added to our ever-growing playlist, we’ve got another parade of truly excellent melodic pop sounds that are now spinning in rotation.

Much more to come next week. Until then, here’s a tasty sampling of a few choice nuggets:

PrintBrett Harris | Up in the Air Yesterday, we proclaimed Eytan Mirsky’s new album Funny Money to be one of the great albums thus far released in this young year. Here’s another great one you’ll want to be playing in your home and on the go. Brett Harris’s second full-length is a terrific collection of 10 wonderful pop songs delivered with skill and heart.

We love these songs so much that we’ve added all of them to the playlist. “End of the Rope” is a catchy, infectious number that reminds us of Microdisney’s “Singer’s Hampstead Home,” even as it echoes the classic ’60s sound. “Spanish Moss” is a quite pretty song that features some beautiful harmonies and a tinge of thoughtful sadness, punctuated by an understated, effective string arrangement. And the title cut is nothing less than a bonafide toe-tapper, a righteous, delectable slice of musical joy.

Also playing in rotation from this great album: “Don’t Look Back,” “Lies,” “Out of the Blue,” “High Times,” “Rumor,” “Summer Nights,” and “Shadetree.” This is another great album for 2016, releasing on March 4. Hey, we ought to make a list of these great albums. Consider it done!

PS: Brett Harris will be Alan’s guest on an upcoming, all-new edition of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation. Keep an eye on these pages for details, coming soon!

crash and the crapentersCrash and the Crapenters | “Everything is Coming My Way” Pure Pop Radio favorite Michael Carpenter and his brother Chris have teamed up to stir a steaming pot of sizzling ska-soaked punky rock and pop that made our ears stand up at attention. In just under two and a half minutes, Chris and Michael take over and demand your attention with organ and chugging electric guitar lines and plugged-in-to-the-walls vocals. Plus, it’s hookariffic, it is. This song demands your attention and called out to us to add it to our playlist. Which we did. Now playing in rotation and taking no prisoners. As nature intended.

cotton matherCotton Mather | “Child Bride” and “The Book of Too Late Changes” To say that the return of Cotton Mather, the makers of the always and truly hall-of-fame album Kontiki, is welcomed with open arms is hardly telling it completely like it is. We were thrilled to hear these great songs, both of which are now playing in rotation. “Child Bride” is a mix of sixties motif (Left Banke, anyone?) that opens with a Byrds-like intro. “The Book of Too Late Changes” is a whole other thing, channeling the propulsive side of the Who with a melodic pop-rocker for the ages that closes with a quite thrilling vocal array. More please, and please, let the more come soon.

strangely arlight we still canStrangely Alright | “We Still Can” Regan Lane and company’s latest song is a lovely mid-tempo ballad with a gorgeous melody and a solid, hooky chorus. We’re proud to be playing this group’s songs on our air and look forward to the next great release.

dermotDermot | “My Love’s a Light that Will Never Go Out” We’ve been playing this song since it came out last December. It’s been a favorite spin since then. This really pretty, affecting number about everlasting love will absolutely resonate with you, and you too. Consider this bit of lyric: “My darling/When we sing/All the angels up in heaven are envious/Of our harmony.” See what we mean? Lovely, lovely, lovely, and now playing in rotation.

There you go–more great music added to our playlist. More coming next week. While you wait, why not click on one of the listen links below so you can enjoy our continuous, original 24-hour stream of the greatest melodic pop in the universe? Enjoy!

purepoplogoAlan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio is the original 24-hour Internet radio station playing the greatest melodic pop music from the ’60s to today. From the Beatles to the Spongetones, the Nines, Kurt Baker, the Connection and the New Trocaderos, we play the hits and a whole lot more. Tune in by clicking on one of the listen links below.

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes

Day Nine is Fine! We’re Still On an Adding Binge…See What’s New and Now Spinning on Pure Pop Radio!

what's-newWhat’s new, you ask? Why, it’s another list of 10 of the most recent adds to the Pure Pop Radio playlist. We like diving in, and we bet you do too, so without further ado, here we go!

always-coverDwight Twilley | Always A new Dwight Twilley album is always a cause for celebration and we’re celebrating alright, by adding a dozen songs from this latest platter, titled Always. Always is another solid collection of pop-rockers and gorgeous ballads from one of our most dependable and talented artists. Whether you’re a longtime Twilley fan, or new to Dwight’s legendary sound, you’re going to love this record. We’re playing, in rotation, the title track, “A Million Miles Wide,” “Lovers,” “Into the Flame,” “Everybody’s Crazy,” “Everyday,” “‘Til the Jukebox Dies,” “We Were Scared,” “Happy Birthday,” “I See It in Your Eyes,” “Fools Like Me,” and “Tomorrow.” Pop and rock on with Dwight!

jamie-two-everJamie Hoover | Jamie Two Ever Second in what we hope will be a long-running series, and the sequel of sorts to the much-loved Jamie Hoo-Ever, Jamie Two Ever presents Mr. Hoover hip deep in comfortable pop-rock waters, delivering yet another top-flight collection of timeless melodies and performances. As we always say when Jamie releases a new record, this is a given–a rock solid treat for fans of great songs crafted by pop music’s premiere journeyman. From ace covers of a couple of Beatles tunes and the Left Banke’s “Walk Away Renee” to a host of originals, including the joyous, almost-completely a cappella “Press Save”; the lovely, gentle Steve Stoeckel co-write, “Lost”; and the bluesy “Oh Darlin’!”-esque “You Took Away the Birds,” Jamie Two Ever practically redefines the word “classic.” We’re playing the entire album in rotation; in addition to the aforementioned songs, we’re spinning “Wait,” “Righteous Side of Love,” “Misery,” “Honest Work,” “Georgia Rose,” “I’m Looking through You,” “The Jim Joanne Massacre,” “Take Care of You,” “Star,” “There’s a Place,” and “Oh Babe Take Me Home.” Truly spectacular. A new Jamie Hoover release means all is right with the world.

sam-rbSam RB | Finding Your Way Home Here is a greater-than-great new release from Australia’s Sam RB, who we’ve been playing on Pure Pop Radio for awhile. Finding Your Way Home features Sam’s beautiful, expressive voice and songs with melodies that will melt your heart. We’re playing all of the songs from this spectacular album: “Blue Sky Day,” “No Need to Say,” “Busking,” “The Smile in His Eyes,” “Shooting Star,” “It Rains Down” “Funny Thing That,” “There is a Place,” “Just Say It’s True,” the title track (a hit waiting to zoom up the charts!), “Calloused Fingerprints,” “Don’t Think Twice,” “Thank You” (another hit waiting to break at radio), and “Say Goodbye.” Sam RB just keeps getting better and better.

brett-harrisBrett Harris | Mr. Sunshine Yet another longtime favorite here at Pure Pop Radio, Brett Harris is a masterful songwriter and performer who also keeps getting better and better. His new EP adds more greatness to his classic catalog. We’re playing three songs in rotation, all catchy and sung with lots of heart: the title cut (a hit single if ever there was one), “Out of the Blue,” and “When you Get the Chance.” We’re thrilled to have Brett back with new songs. Dig them all!

smile-factorySmile Factory | “Man in a Minute” So hot, the wax is still wet on this poppy, mega-catchy, wonderful song from a new group comprised of familiar and perhaps not-so-familar names. The Legal Matters’ Keith Klingensmith (vocals) and the Tor Guides’ Torbjorn Petersson (guitars and vocals), you probably (and should) know. The other players? Atlanta’s own Lee Wiggins on drums, David “Zeus” Henderson on bass, and Bill Shaouy on keys. Brandi Ediss and Karen Basset provide backing vocals. Nothing could be sweeter and finer than this glorious example of why melodic pop music is the best kind of music in the whole wide world. Really infectious and quite joyous and we’re pleased as punch to be bringing it to you in rotation. Beautiful.

successful-failuresThe Successful Failures | Captains of Industry, Captains of War A good old-fashioned pop-rock album by a bunch of guys who know their stuff. In the case of these songs, that stuff is bursting with lots of guitars, great harmony vocals, some country tinges, and a bit of what REM would sound like if they were more of a pop, and not a rock, band. We’ve added almost all of the songs on this album: “Stagger Lee and Woodrow Wilson,” “Milwaukee,” “Hit the Ground Running,” “1954,” “Meal Parade (Always Be Around),” “Falling Out,” “Navigation by the Stars,” “Knew Me On Sunday,” “O Carolina,” “Sunny in My Head,” and “John Henry.”

the-satisfactorsThe Satisfactors | The Satisfactors Say hello to your go-to Fall ’14 supergroup, New Jersey’s own Satisfactors. What do you get when you bring together the Doughboys’ Gar Francis (aka Jimmy Target), the Grip Weeds’ Kurt Reil (aka Curtis Roy), the Easy Outs’ Bruce Ferguson, and Kenny Aaronson, who’s played with Bob Dylan, amongst other legends? You get a whole lot of muscle, grrring guitars, and a whole lot of in-your-face songwriting and vocalizing. You get a pop-rock album that pays no apologies for keeping the neighbors up at night. We’re playing nearly the whole album in rotation: “She Got Charm,” “I Love Girls,” “You’re So Crazy,” “Hey Mama,” “Sweet Sunshine,” “Johnny Commando,” “Take Your Troubles Away,” “Hit Me, Hit Me, Hit Me,” “Gimme My Rock ‘n’ Roll,” “Girl Just Wants to Dance,” and “Had it With You.” We’re dancing the night away–how about you?

magic-eight-ballMagic Eight Ball | Last of the Old Romantics UK pop-rock trio Magic Eight Ball’s new album, releasing soon, hits all of the tempting sweet spots, presenting both ballads and up-tempo pop-rockers, always focusing on great melodies and a powerhouse voice in Baz Francis. We’ve added six songs to the Pure Pop Radio playlist: “What Happened in ’92,” “Come Get Your Kicks,” “Yeah, I’m Serious,” “California in the Fall,” “Red Hair Wrapped Around Her Neck,” and “On the Days that You Wish You Could End It All…” A round of applause for Baz and the boys!

loose-pillsLoose Pills | Rx We’ve got a taster from Loose Pills’ album that rocks and pops: the upbeat power popping “I Don’t Want It” and the emotional, strong-willed, melodic rock-pop of “Get Drunk, Play Records.” Cool stuff.

the-286The 286 | EP Within our rather large playlist, we have soft spots all over for bands that celebrate the legacy of Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra. The latest band to fly the flag proudly is this London “rock orchestra,” probably a fitting way to describe the outfit that has turned out quite the wonderful, six-song collection of ELO-tastic sounds. We’re running all six songs through our playlist: “Hello,” “Let the Rain Fall Down,” “Miracle on 286th Street,” “Little Louisa,” “Battalion 286 (Monmouth Minuet),” and “Suite: Beyond the World.”

That’s it for today. We’ll pick things up again on Thursday and Friday of this week, when we will unveil more of the latest artists and songs that have been added to the Pure Pop Radio playlist. Tomorrow: A hot review for an equally hot album that is without question one of the best of this year. See you then!

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Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes
Click on the image to listen to Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio through players like iTunes