Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation Podcasts: Zeek Weekling (The Weeklings) (Airdate: September 6, 2017)

By Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio alan 5 small

the weeklings paperback writerThe Weeklings are legendary here at Pure Pop Radio. They’re also legendary there and everywhere. The foursome’s new single, a top-of-the-pops take on the Beatles’ “Paperback Writer,” is being featured tonight, in fact, on our Pop Tunes Deejay Show at 8 pm ET (click on the Listen link below at the appointed hour).

Zeek Weekling appeared on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation on September 6 to speak to me about the Weeklings’ take on “Paperback Writer” and the band’s future release plans. It was a typically spirited conversation, fortified with extra-added Weeklings vibes–the kind of in-depth talk you can only hear on the Internet’s premiere melodic pop talk show.

pprListen to my interview with Zeek Weekling from September 6 by clicking the play button on the following player, or click on the Pure Pop Radio button to the left to download (then right click and choose “Save audio as” to save the file to your computer). (This interview is presented in scoped format; the songs have been removed due to copyright concerns.)

And now, dear Sir or Madam: Check out the video for The Weeklings’ version of “Paperback Writer,” and then, if you haven’t already, click on one of the links to add the track to your ever-growing Weeklings collection.

Purchase The Weeklings’ fab version of “Paperback Writer” by clicking on one of the following links (you’ll be so very glad you did!): Amazon, iTunes

Look out for more current and archived Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation interviews, coming soon.

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Classic ’60s Pop Hit Maker Little Peggy March and Zeek Weekling Sparkle on a Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation Two-Fer; Cotton Mather, Michael Oliver, and Poppermost Lead the Charge on the Pop Tunes Deejay Show

Your host
Your host

By Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio

A very special Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation two-fer featuring top popsters from yesterday and today, and two all-new editions of the Alan Haber’s Pop Tunes Deejay Show hit the Pop that Goes Crunch Radio airwaves this week. It is, indeed, a week to remember.

the weeklings paperback writerStar Time on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation
On Wednesday night at 8:30 pm ET (special time), a very special Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation two-fer kicks off with the one and only Zeek Weekling behind the virtual microphone, talking about the Weeklings’ Fab new take on the Beatles’ “Paperback Writer.” Fans will not be surprised in the least that the venerable Beatles track has been Weekling-ized in the band’s usual, knowing way. Zeek also talks about the band’s upcoming releases (yes, releases); you won’t want to miss a second of this Weeklings-centric conversation.

in conversation new graphic bluelittle peggy march




Immediately following on Wednesday night at 9 pm ET, Peggy March, formerly known as Little Peggy March, joins me for a tour through her long running career, which began back in 1963 with her hit recording of “I Will Follow Him,” a decades-old staple of oldies radio. We’ll talk about that chestnut, and about the top-flight, recently-released compilation on Ace Records of Peggy’s recordings, If You Loved Me: RCA Recordings from Around the World 1963-1969. Did you know that Peggy recorded a very early Randy Newman song, and a cover of a Mike Love-Brian Wilson number? We’ve got all the details during this lively program, including a Beatles-related story you won’t want to miss. (Both shows repeat Saturday, starting at 2 pm ET)

pop tunes disc smallThe Pop Tunes Deejay Show is Poptastic!
The Pop Tunes Deejay Show is alive and kicking this week, with two all-new shows.

Ulf Holmberg
Ulf Holmberg

Tuesday night’s get-together at 8 pm ET features mostly new and recently-released music, including the new single from Bubble Gum Orchestra, Cotton Mather, Ray Paul, Poppermost, Stag, Anton Barbeau, and a triple-play from guitarist-extraordinaire Ulf Holmberg, late of the Longplayer Orchestra (Ulf’s new album, The Mighty Shadow, is an instrumental smorgasbord you’re going to love!). (Repeats Friday at 2 pm ET)

Pop Tunes returns on Thursday night at 8 pm ET with an as-yet-not-mixed-together-but-you-know-it’s-going-to-pop-large program featuring the greatest pop in the universe from across the decades. Details to follow. (Repeats Monday, September 11 at 11 am ET)

Mark your calendars: All-new editions of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation with classic popster Peggy March and Zeek Weekling of the Weeklings, and two first-run episodes of Alan Haber’s Pop Tunes Deejay Show are coming this week on Pop that Goes Crunch Radio. Don’t miss a minute!

Don’t forget to check the Notes section of the Pop Tunes Deejay Show page on Facebook for the latest show playlists. Click here to be magically transported.

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Stop Your Running Around! We’ve Got Winners!

the-weeklings-studio-2-smallOur 11-day-long Eight Days a Weekling marathon, celebrating the release (today!) of Studio 2, the latest beat-o-riffic album from New Jersey’s fabulous foursome, the Weeklings, has come to a close.

But we’re still celebrating! Every track from both Studio 2 and the Weeklings’ first fab album, lovingly called Monophonic, and select solo tracks from Glen “Lefty” Burtnik and Bob “Zeek” Burger, will continue to spin in rotation on our air.

glen-burtnik-and-alan-at-webr-1997During the last 11 days, we’ve brought you command performances of Lefty’s 1997 appearance on the old, weekly Pure Pop Radio show, during which he performed live in the studio, and Lefty and Zeek’s appearance on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, during which the duo chronicled their adventures recording Studio 2 in London’s famous Abbey Road studios. And don’t forget those Weeklings Double Shots that were rocking the airwaves every hour during the marathon!

the-weeklings-cassetteWe also ran a contest: Up for grabs were two Weeklings Prize Packs, containing the Studio 2 CD and the cassette version that features three, count ’em, three extra tracks–covers of the Beatles’ “It Won’t Be Long,” “All I’ve Got to Do,” and a screaming version of “I’m Down” that will leave you absolutely, positively breathless!

winnerWe’re pleased as Merseybeat punch to announce that James Rosen and Patricia Rossi are the winners of our latest contest. James and Patricia will each be receiving a Weeklings Prize Pack in the mail. Congratulations!

the-weeklings-on-abbey-roadThanks to everyone who entered. And extra-special thanks to the Weeklings–Glen “Lefty” Burtnik, Bob “Zeek” Burger, John “Rocky” Merjave, and Joe “Smokestack” Bellia–for making such great music. More contests are coming soon. Keep enjoying Pure Pop Radio, your original 24-hour source for the greatest melodic pop music in the universe! Listen online or on the go! And keep coming back to these pages for reviews of the latest and archival releases, articles, columns, and station updates.

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“Just say you believe in me and send me all your love…”

banner 5  mic-small 10

The Weeklings ‘ Studio 2 captivates with Beatlesque charm

The Weeklings | Studio 2 | 2016 (Jem Records)

A review/essay by Alan Haber alan 5 small

the-weeklings-studio-2-smallWho would ever have thought, who would ever have dreamt that, in the 60 minutes that passed between eight and nine o’clock on Sunday, February 9, 1964, everything, every single hope and dream poised to define so many of the youngsters sitting only a short distance from their family’s television sets would change or at least be significantly altered?

During those historic 60 minutes, a mixed bag of performers paraded onto and then off of the stage on the ground floor of what was originally known as Hammerstein’s Theatre and came to be known as the Ed Sullivan Theater. Families, gathered together in front of their television sets in their living rooms as they usually were on Sunday nights, watched the cast of the Broadway show Oliver! (with future Monkee Davy Jones, then only 19, in tow) sing “I’d Do Anything.” Comedian and impressionist Frank Gorshin, soon to become famous as the Riddler on the Batman television show, also performed, as did Welsh entertainer Tessie O’Shea and acrobatics ensemble Wells and the Four Fays.

unused VIP ticket to a taping of The Ed Sullivan ShowAlso performing that fateful night was a group of youngsters called the Beatles. They hailed from Liverpool, England, which seemed to be a world and a half away from just about anywhere anyone could imagine. Parents were befuddled with the attention their kids paid to the four mop tops, who would obviously constitute the proverbial flash in the pan, gone in sixty seconds, or at least the sixty minutes it took for Ed to open and close that night’s show.

History tells us that the Beatles’ performance that night, five songs strong, was anything but a flash in the pan. Indeed, there was plenty of flash on the Ed Sullivan Theater stage, but not a single pan in sight. That night, as referenced in Vinyl Kings’ song “A Little Trip,” was responsible for convincing legions of kids that they could do just what John, Paul, George and Ringo were doing, if only their parents would buy them a guitar and let them grow their hair long.

vinyl-kings-a-little-tripWritten by Vinyl Kings’ Josh Leo, “A Little Trip” begins by recounting a conversation a father has with his son about what the son wants to be when he grows up. The answer is clear to the son as Ed Sullivan’s 2/9/64 show, a really big show, carries on. “I promise to send you a letter/When I am a big jet-setter,” the son sings. “Just say you believe in me/And send me all your love.”

Beyond the spectacle of the pomp and circumstance of rock and roll is the song, without which the flash means nothing. One of the innumerable characteristics that distinguished the Beatles throughout their career and beyond was, and continues to be, their mastery of melody, their ability to create songs that resonate with listeners and, in their own way, help to change the world.

Perhaps that’s too grandiose a thought, but perhaps not: Music has always had the power to affect listeners in many ways, some tangible and others less clearly defined. Good music, even great music, has the power to charm and captivate, to wash the blues away, to make us think, to make us smile.

the-weeklings-stage-setupThe Weeklings, the Beatlesque, New Jersey big-beat foursome who know all about the power of music, are Glen Burtnik, Bob Burger, John Merjave, and Joe Bellia, music veterans all. They go by the nom de plumes Lefty, Zeek, Rocky, and Smokestack, respectively. By any measure, their passion and dedication to the art of making music would tower above most practitioners’ efforts. It would not be wrong to say that they are fab.

Studio 2, the Weeklings’ second record, about to be released, follows the quartet’s first, self-titled album, affectionately known as Monophonic, which combined covers of six songs that John Lennon and Paul McCartney gave away to other artists with six Beatle-flavored originals penned by Burtnik and Burger. Studio 2 takes somewhat of a different tack than Monophonic: this time around, eight original songs share real estate with four rare Lennon/McCartney numbers not given away to other artists, none of which were released by the Beatles and are unknown to all but the most fervent Beatles fans.

the-beatles-second-albumthe-weeklings-studio-2-smallMonophonic and Studio 2, both presented in mono, spring from the same DNA, even though they take slightly different approaches. What they share, more than anything else, is an intrinsic love of Beatles music, more so the sound of the group’s earlier albums than the later ones. Even the cover of Studio 2 is a knowing nod to the Beatles, affectionately modeled after the frontispiece of The Beatles’ Second Album, right down to the legend The Monophonic Sound placed at the top, the album title subhead (NEW HITS BY THE WEEKLINGS Plus 4 Rare Lennon/McCartney Songs), and the short list of featured tunes and Jem Records legend on the right.

The details count, and that counts for the music on Studio 2 as well as the wrapper it’s contained within. So it will come as no surprise that the original songs, seven of which are co-written by Burtnik and Burger (“You’re the One” is a Burger/Merjave composition), and the more or less unknown Lennon/McCartney numbers are top-notch and injected with the spirit of the early Beatles records and other musical touchstones, for an overall sound that is uniquely Weeklings-esque. The whole affair is inspired, and the effect is akin to taking a lovely walk in the park on a beautiful, warm summer’s day. Listening to these songs is nothing less than a delightful experience.

the-weeklings-in-studio-2-in-abbey-roadSpeaking of delightful, you get to play everyone’s favorite musical game, Spot the Reference, also known as Suss Out the Easter Eggs, while you listen to Studio 2. The band has woven a good number of musical and lyrical quotes into the fabric of these songs; it’s a blast to try and uncover them. I wouldn’t propose to totally spoil the fun for you, so I’ll only note a few: the sustained piano chord at the end of the rocking “Little Elvis” not only echoes the end of the Beatles’ “A Day in the Life,” it was played on the actual piano used on that song in the actual Studio 2. (By the way, Studio 2, the album, was recorded in the actual Studio 2 at London’s Abbey Road Studios, a fact which I’ve neglected to mention so far because I’ve covered it in detail here. Lefty and Zeek talked about it at length on a recent edition of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, which re-airs tomorrow night at 8 pm ET; click on any of the listen links below to dig in.)

cilla-black-love-of-the-lovedHere is another tasty Studio 2 Easter egg: The Weeklings’ take on Paul McCartney’s “Love of the Loved,” essayed most assuredly by Cilla Black, is recast as a lovely lullaby with rich vocal harmonies; it is ushered into the sound field with a recreation of the chord thrash that welcomes in “Her Majesty” on the Beatles’ Abbey Road album. And here is another one: The guitar stabs that open the unreleased Lennon/McCartney number “You Must Write” are right out of the kick off to the Beatles’ version of Chuck Berry’s “Rock and Roll Music”; the end section is a musical quote from the group’s “The Ballad of John and Yoko.”

There is more, of course–much, much more. There is the opening, mid-tempo, harmonica-rich charmer “Morning, Noon and Night”; the energetic rocker “Don’t Know, Don’t Care,” which rolls through to its conclusion like a wild, runaway train; and the lovely harmony-drenched “Melody,” which sounds like it could have been plucked from the soundtrack of A Hard Day’s Night (plus, it has a quite satisfying key change near the end, which is always a plus in my book).

the weeklings equipment at abbey roadRecords are time capsules, audio snapshots of the years in which they were conceived. At the same time, they are also snapshots of the times that influenced them. Burtnik and Burger have studied the Beatles’ music inside and out, soaking up every aspect that made it great and everlasting. The Weeklings’ Studio 2 and, for that matter Monophonic, are not only passionate love letters to the music that continues to inspire Burtnik and Burger, but also a demonstration of how that inspiration manifests itself in their own music. The result is a wonderful, memorable experience for listeners–an experience that will last a lifetime.

the-weeklings-cassettethe-weeklings-studio-2-smallblack box Now playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio: Every song: “Morning, Noon and Night,” “Little Elvis,” “Don’t Know, Don’t Care,” “Love Can,” “You’re the One,” “Next Big Thing,” “Stop Your Running Around,” “Melody,” “You Must Write,” “Because I Know You Love Me So,” “Some Days,” and “Love of the Loved.” Plus three bonus tracks from the limited edition cassette version of the album: “It Won’t Be Long,” “All I’ve Got to Do,” and “I’m Down.”
black box When and Where to Get It: Beginning November 18 at the usual locations. Links to purchase this wonderful album are coming soon.

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Lefty and Zeek Weekling’s Beatlesque Backbeat Powers this Week’s Lineup of Pure Pop Radio Specialty Shows

mic-small 10This week’s lineup of Pure Pop Radio specialty shows provides the swinging backbeat for your evening entertainment.

What’s shaking? Lefty and Zeek Weekling provide the Beatlesque backbeat for this week’s all-new edition of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, Scott McPherson spins some underappreciated sides on the latest edition of his lunchtime smash, The Weird and the Wonderful, Jammin’ James Riley talks to Pure Pop Radio favorite Randell Kirsch on a first-run Catching a Wave, and our regular panel of Beatles experts, along with Dr. Kit O’Toole, looks at the reinvention of George Harrison in the 1980s on the weekly Beatles roundtable, Things We Said Today.

the-weeklings-studio-2-smallBthe weeklings at abbey roadig Event
This week’s big event, airing at 8 pm ET this Tuesday, October 18 on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, finds Lefty and Zeek Weekling (aka Glen Burtnik and Bob Burger) talking to Alan Haber about The Weeklings’ upcoming second album, Studio 2, being released by Jem Records. Recorded in Abbey Road’s Studio 2, the exciting long player features eight Weeklings originals and four rare Lennon and McCartney compositions, three of which even dedicated Beatles fans might not even know about. You’ll hear three songs from Studio 2 and listen to Lefty and Zeek recount their London, England adventures and the stories behind their new recordings. It’s a Fab hour-and-a-smidge you won’t want to miss.

waveBjammin james rileyack to the Beach
Tonight at 8 pm ET, Jammin’ James Riley kicks off our specialty show week with an all-new trip to the sun-soaked land of summer-drenched tunes on Catching a Wave. Jammin’ James talks to Pure Pop Radio favorite Randell Kirsch and spins some of his songs, plus classics from Al Jardine and Friends, The Legendary Masked Surfers, Papa Doo Run Run, and many more of your favorite artists.

ww-logo-longTscott-mcpherson-15he Weird and the Wonderful
Scott McPherson checks in this Wednesday, October 19 at 1 pm ET, with another all-new edition of his lunchtime hit, The Weird and the Wonderful. Scott’s playlist is chock full of songs that have been underappreciated by the masses; cuts from Millard Powers, Kevin Moore, and Andy Thompson are the order of the day. Join Scott for the musical accompaniment to your weekly soup and sandwich combo. A splendid time, etc.

Tthe-beatles-things-we-said-todayhe 1980s Reinvention of George Harrison
This Thursday night, October 20 at 8 pm ET, the weekly Beatles roundtable, Things We Said Today, takes a look at George Harrison’s reinvention in the 1980s with Dr. Kit O’Toole, who makes a return appearance on the show. The panel also talks about the new film, The Lennon Report, a fictional look at that fateful night, December 8, 1980. Steve Marinucci has seen the film, and gives his on-the-spot report.

Look forward to this coming week’s worth of top-flight specialty shows here on Pure Pop Radio. We’ve got your evening entertainment covered!

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The Weeklings’ Second Album Spins Gold on Next Week’s All-New Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation

A preview by Alan Haber alan 5 small

the-weeklings-studio-2-smallRoll over, Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news: The world’s most popular Beatlesque foursome, slinging their guitars over their Merseybeat shoulders and bringing the swinging backbeat to the front lines of today’s melodic pop universe, will be spinning and talking about tracks from their forthcoming new album, Studio 2, next Tuesday night, October 18, at 8 pm ET on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation.

the weeklings at abbey roadLefty and Zeek Weekling (aka Glen Burtnik and Bob Burger, respectively), the collective heartbeat of The Weeklings, will be in conversation with me to talk about this amazing long player, presented in glorious monophonic sound, to be released by Jem Records on November 18. Studio 2 is a rocking collection of electrifying big-beat recordings from New Jersey’s fabulous foursome, which also features the pumping performances of Rocky (John Merjave) and Smokestack Weekling (Joe Bellia). Twelve vibrant tracks–seven Lefty and Zeek originals, one Rocky and Zeek co-write, and four rare Lennon-McCartney songs never released by the Beatles–take center stage on this classic platter, one of the very best releases of the year.

Chief songwriters Lefty and Zeek go deep inside the making of Studio 2 with me, giving listeners a virtual backstage tour of their time spent making Beatlesque magic while recording in Abbey Road’s Studio Two; talking about loading their new songs up with Fab “easter eggs,” and telling me how they see The Weeklings’ future unfolding. Plus, I make a rather strong case that I am indeed The Fifth Weekling, despite the possible objections of Little Nicola.

You’ll hear three songs from Studio 2, presented in glorious monophonic sound, including one of the previously unreleased Lennon-McCartney numbers, a smashing uptempo bopper called “You Must Write,” and you’ll hear from Lefty and Zeek about some of the rather ingenious lengths they went to, thereby ensuring that this second album was the very best it could be.

jem-recordsAnd it is, of course; look for my review soon, and get ready to win a copy of Studio 2. In the meantime, roll up, roll up for a tour of The Weeklings’ new album, being released on November 18 by Jem Records. Join Lefty, Zeek and yours truly for an electrifying hour pounding out the infectious beat on an all-new, rocking edition of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation. The Beatlesque hits just keep on coming right here on your 24-hour-a-day home for the greatest melodic pop music from the ’60s to today. See you on the radio next Tuesday, October 18 at 8 pm ET!

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It’s Weeklings Wednesday on Pure Pop Radio! Hear Lefty and Zeek on In Conversation…Three Times!

the weeklings equipment at abbey roadIt’s Weeklings Wednesday on Pure Pop Radio! Today, you can hear Lefty and Zeek talk about the group’s adventures recording their upcoming second album at London’s famed Abbey Road Studios.

This very special all-new edition of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation airs today at noon, 4 and 8 pm ET on Pure Pop Radio. To listen, simply click on one of the listen links below.

Meanwhile, the following story ran here this past Monday. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you enjoy listening to Lefty and Zeek Weekling. It’s Weeklings Wednesday on Pure Pop Radio!

– Alan Haber

*     *     *     *     *

They shook with delight and didn’t want to leave! The story behind the Weeklings recording their second album at Abbey Road Studios airs three times on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation today, Wednesday, July 13 at noon, 4 pm and 8 pm ET on Pure Pop Radio. Read on for all the details…

the weeklings at abbey road
by Alan Haber

If you’re the Weeklings, what do you do after album number one proves itself a big hit? You start thinking about album number two. You gather the boys and their suitcases and axes and such and fly across the pond and through the proverbial woods and check into your accommodations and then you walk up to the front door of Abbey Road Studios, make your way to the famed Studio Two and set up your gear and your wherewithals and plug in and belt out two or sixteen songs, the cream of the crop of which will make it to album number two, which will follow up album number one in a big way, and look out kids, here they come, walking down the street…no wait, that’s that other band.

This past June 8 and 9, Lefty and Zeek and Rocky and Smokestack Weekling,* surrounded by all kinds of authentic period gear and feet planted firmly inside one of the world’s most famous, well-known recording studios, stood in front of microphones as their adrenalin-fueled wits took charge and they recorded what will surely stand out as one of the most anticipated pop albums of the year. The Weeklings’ second album, looking good for a late-October-to-early-November release, is in the can and currently undergoing post-production work to make it the best that it can be, which is a sure thing, no doubt.

Alan Haber: Proud Music Geek!And you can hear all about it, straight from Lefty and Zeek Weeklings’ mouths when they talk to me today, Wednesday, July 13 at noon, 4 pm and 8 pm ET (three times to listen!) on a very fab, very special edition of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation. You will hear all about the Weeklings’ second album and the group’s trek to Abbey Road Studios in London, England, which swings like a pendulum do.

the weeklings in the studio at abbey road
What was it like to record in Abbey Road’s Studio Two, where the Beatles made so much everlasting magic, or hang out in the well-appointed control room with engineer Toby Hulbert (see above photo)? How many songs did the Weeklings cut? Is this new album going to follow the structure of the first? Which equipment did they use? Was said equipment used back in the good old days of the sixties? And, last but certainly not least, what is the album’s provisional title? Lefty and Zeek have the answers!

abbey road tea cupsEnergized in Abbey Road’s Studio Two, the Weeklings shook with delight and didn’t, under any circumstances, want to leave, which will come as no surprise to anyone. Find out what it’s like to record an album where the Beatles stood and waxed poetic and had wonderfully brewed cups of tea by tuning into Pure Pop Radio today, Wednesday, July 13 at noon, 4 pm and 8 pm ET. All will be revealed and, hey, why not say it–a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

  • The Weeklings are Lefty (Glen Burtnik), Zeek (Bob Burger), Rocky (John Merjave), and Smokestack (Joe Bellia).

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Tricia and Dana Countyman, the Weeklings, and Author Chuck Gunderson Star in this Week’s Specialty Shows

alan-mic-zMusic makers Tricia and Dana Countryman, and author Chuck Gunderson sit behind the microphones on this week’s Pure Pop Radio specialty shows. You’re in for a real treat.

tricia countryman march2016Tonight at 8 pm ET on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, Tricia Countryman checks in with Alan Haber to talk about her just-released solo album, Sometimes When I’m Dreaming…, produced and arranged by her husband Dana, who also sits in to add his comments.

dana-countrymanSometimes When I’m Dreaming… is a lovely musical journey built on classic song craft and Tricia’s golden voice. During this typically in-depth episode of In Conversation, you’ll hear how the album’s 16 songs (plus one bonus track) were selected, how Dana came up with the sweetly-realized arrangements, and much more. You’ll also be treated to three songs from the album, including the beautifully sung Jimmy Webb masterpiece, “Adios.”

winWould you like to win a copy of Tricia Countryman’s Sometimes When I’m Dreaming…? Simply fill in the form at the bottom of this story and send it on to us by this Friday, July 15 at noon ET. Don’t forget to include your email address and type “Tricia” in the Comment field. Enter once only. Good luck!

the weeklings at abbey roadTomorrow, Wednesday, July 13, at noon, 4 and 8 pm ET (three times to listen!), Lefty and Zeek Weekling, from the super fab group the Weeklings, talk to Alan on In Conversation about recording their upcoming second album in London at the famed Abbey Road Studios. And speaking of famed, Lefty, Zeek, Rocky and Smokestack Weekling recorded in Abbey Road’s Studio Two, where the Beatles made so much legendary musical magic.

the-weeklings-drum-headYou’ll hear from Lefty and Zeek about the Weeklings’ time spent recording at Abbey Road, and you’ll get some tasty information about the Weeklings’ upcoming second album, including the provisional title. As always, Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation is in the center of the action that fuels the soundtrack of your life.

chuck gundersonthe-beatles-things-we-said-todaysome fun tonight bookThis Thursday, July 14 at 8 pm ET on Things We Said Today, our regular panel of Beatles experts talks to Chuck Gunderson, author of the two-volume opus, Some Fun Tonight!: The Backstage Story of How the Beatles Rocked America: The Historic Tours of 1964-1966, which will be available in paperback on September 6. The topic: the 1966 tour that the Beatles undertook. And the recent passing of the legendary Scotty Moore, who created the guitar sound on Elvis Presley’s early records, will be discussed.

That’s the next couple of days on Pure Pop Radio: two brand-new editions of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, and an all-new Things We Said Today. Pretty good for a mid-July week, we say.

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